Conference Schedule

FARM Conference Detailed Schedule will be posted here in September

Below is subject to change and includes only some of the main events and when they happen.

  • Conference begins Thursday, October 25 afternoon and ends after a special presentation on Sunday afternoon, October 28.
  • DJ Showcase : Thursday night.
  • Award Ceremony: Friday night 7pm
  • Keynote: Saturday night 7pm
  • Official Showcases :  Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Private Showcases : Thursday, Friday, and Saturday late night from 11:30 pm to 2 am
  • Performance Lane : Friday and Saturday afternoon
  • Workshops & Panels : Friday and Saturday afternoons

FARM Conference Detailed Schedule

Below is subject to change.


Noon: Registration opens
1p: Songs for Seniors 
2p: MMF Presentation
3p: Common Chords (Robert Jones & Matt Watroba)
4p: Welcome Reception & Open Mic
5:30p: Dinner Break
7:30p: DJ Showcase Main Ballroom
10p – 11pm: Open Mic 
11:30p – 2:30a: Private Showcases
2:30a: Jams, song circles, sleep


8:30a – 10:30a Breakfast Buffet
9:00a – 1:00pm Presenter Breakfast & Roundtable 
10:30a – 11:45a: Workshops Session 1
12p – 1p: Open Mic
1p – 2:15p: Workshops Session 2
2:30p: Wisdom of the “Daves” 
4p – 5:30p: Performance Lane 
5:30p: Buffet Dinner 
7p: Award Ceremony 
8p: Official Showcases 
11:30p- 2:30a: Private Showcase
2:30a: Jams, song circles, sleep 


8:30a – 10:30a: Breakfast Buffet
10:30a – 11:45a: Workshops Session 3
12:00p – 1p: Mother Jones in Heaven (a play by Si Kahn)
1p – 2:15p: Workshops Session 4
2:30p: DJ Panel & Reception
4p – 5:30p: Performance Lane
5:30p: Dinner on your own / Open Mic 
7p: Keynote Address by Robert Jones
8p: Official Showcases
11:30p – 2:30a: Private Showcase
2:30a: Jams, song circles, sleep


9:00a – 11:00a: Continental Breakfast
11:00am – 12:15p: Workshops Session 5
1:00p: Membership Meeting 
2:00p: Community Sing & Mentor Sessions

4p: Stragglers’ Open Mic at Founders Brewery

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