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“…you guys have created something wonderful … down in Kansas City I walked into a big room full of genuinely friendly, supportive, and PHENOMENALLY talented people, all interested in creating a vibrant community and extending a helping hand to their fellow musicians.”

 – Rev. Judi Hendricks,
FARMette 2017 attendee

We had so much fun and we were just truly blown away by the supportive and friendly FARM community.”

– The Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers, 2016 Official Showcase Artist

“We are America’s Heartland, and our conference exudes a certain relaxed, charming, and simple approach to Folk and roots music …This community comes together once a year and it is a treasured time. Come back ! OR, join us as a first-timer. Either way, I think you’ll be recharged in ways that will surprise you.”

–  Tim Grimm, Songwriter, Performer, Actor
2014 Key Note Speaker

“FARM made me see and feel that I’m part of a songwriting community. This was such an exciting and a happy realization. I came away with renewed energy and resolve for my own work, and who doesn’t need that?”

– Michael P. Smith, Songwriter, Actor, 2011 Key Note Speaker

This Thursday Night Showcase provides invited Folk Radio DJs the opportunity to select an artist they would like to introduce to the FARM community.

Congratulations to this year’s DJ Showcase Artists!

7:00 – 7:02: Welcome and opening remarks (Rich Warren)

7:02 – 7:12: Appleseed Collective
Presented by John Sinkevics, “Local Spins”
WYCE, 88.1 FM, Grand Rapids, MI

7:14 – 7:24: Anna p.s.
Presented by Al Kniola, “The Back Porch”
WVPE, 88.1 FM, Elkhart/South Bend, IN

7:26 – 7:36: Kendra Swanson
Presented by Dan Robinson, “Simply Folk”
Wisconsin Public Radio, Madison, WI

7:38 – 7:48: Roger Brown
Presented by Jim Hall, “Roots and Branches”
WLNZ, 89.7 FM, Lansing, MI

7:50 – 8:00: Hayley Reardon
Presented by Matt Watroba, “Folk with Matt Watroba”
WKAR, 90.5 FM, East Lansing, MI

8:02 – 8:12: Taylor Steele
Presented by Kevin Elliott, “From the Joshua Tree Inn”
WEFT, 90.1 FM, Champaign, IL

8:14 – 8:24: Katherine Rondeau
Presented by Wanda Fischer, “Hudson River Sampler”
WAMC-Northeast Public Radio, Albany, NY

8:26 – 8:36: Joe Rollin Porter
Presented by Rich Warren, “The Midnight Special” / “Folkstage”
WFMT, 98.7 FM, Chicago, IL and syndicated

8:38 – 8:48: Jon Shain
Presented by Mark Sahlgren & Darcy Wilkin, “Grassroots”
WMUK, 102.1 FM, Kalamazoo, MI

8:50 – 9:00: Hope Dunbar
Presented by Ellen Stanley, “Womenfolk”
KFAI, 90.3 FM, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

9:02 – 9:12: Michelle Held
Presented by Jen Sygit, “Eclecticana”
WLNZ, 89.7 FM, Lansing, MI

9:14 – 9:24: Ashley & Simpson
Presented by Lilli Kuzma, “Folk Festival”
WDCB, 90.9 FM, Glen Ellyn-Chicago, IL

9:26 – 9:36: Scott Easterday
Presented by Mike Warren
KCUR–Public Radio, Kansas City, MO

With gratitude to Rich Warren for organizing the event this year and to all our beloved DJs for participating! It’s going to be a terrific night of music.


the Selection Process

  • FARM invites DJs to select a performer for the showcase.
  • The showcase coordinators will compile a list of artists who would like to be considered; however, DJs are not required to select from this list.
  • Because we’re trying to raise awareness of FARM, DJs are encouraged to recruit an artist who they believe could benefit from the experience and exposure – preferably one who has never attended FARM.
  • The performer may not have performed in any prior FARM Official Showcase or DJ / Venue Showcase.
  • Selected artists MUST register for the entire conference. (Remember that registration is discounted for all first-timers.)

Please use the submission form below to indicate your interest in being considered for the showcase.

Deadline for submission was August 10. 


DJ Showcase Artist Submission Form

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