One. Most importantly, the sign up will now be on a separate form available via the link on the Registration Thank You page and your Registration Confirmation Email. You MUST be registered before you sign up. Any PL sign-ups received before registration has been confirmed will be ineligible.

Two. Good news! We are adding more Performance Lane slots this year! Time and locations TBA.

Three. While Performance Lane showcases will still be assigned in order of registration, there will be a two-tier selection process. The initial tier will include only people who did NOT perform in BOTH of the two previous years of Performance Lane.

If you did perform in BOTH of the two previous years, you will be put on a waiting list. After August 15, any remaining Performance Lane slots will be filled from those on the waiting list, assigned in the order of registration.

FARM’s Performance Lane offers a limited number of pre-scheduled 10 minute performances that take place in 3 rooms simultaneously, at several different times during the conference. There’s no amplification, just the performer and the audience connecting for a few minutes.

This showcase is filled in order of registration. No jury selection. Just timing. The only limitation we have is that we have moved to a “two years on, one year off” system, so that there is more equity in who has the opportunity to participate in Performance Lane.

It’s a lot of fun for attendees to roam between rooms trying to catch a little bit of every performer.

STEP 1. Register for the conference.

STEP 2. Complete the Performance Lane Sign Up form. (available via the link on the Registration Thank You page and Your Registration Confirmation Email.)

Requests for these slots are filled in the order* (see below) received up to the maximum number of participants we can accommodate, so REGISTER AS EARLY AS YOU CAN if you want a Performance Lane spot.

*We have a two-year on, one year off system, so if you performed in BOTH of the previous two years at Performance Lane, you will go a waiting list, in the order you register; any slots not filled by August 15 with performers who did NOT perform in both years, will be filled from the waiting list in order of registration.

Please elect ONE member of your band to sign up for Performance Lane on behalf of the band. Due to the limited number of slots, we ask that you choose between performing with your band or performing solo. We do recognize that there is a difference between backing up an artist and being a member of a duo or band. If you are at FARM in both capacities, we will allow you to appear in multiple PL slots as a back up artist as well as [replace “your own” with one] featured slot as a band/duo member. For example, if Joe Singer wants you to back him up on mandolin, and Terrific Duo also wants you to add mandolin, but you are not regularly performing with either one, these appearances would not count as your one PL slot. However, if you are a member of Folk Band Extraordinaire as well as a solo performer, you will need to choose one or the other. Thanks for your cooperation.

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