Volunteering at FARM

If you have general questions about volunteering at the conference itself, please send an email to conference@farmfolk.org. For questions about volunteering throughout the year, or more general questions about FARM, please use the info@farmfolk.org.

FARM is grateful for the generosity of all those who give of their time to make FARM happen!


PLEASE READ EVERY TAB BELOW before completing the application!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of FARM! We anticipate using 20+ hours of volunteer time during the virtual event itself, not to mention all the hours leading up to the conference. Volunteers help with every event, in one capacity or another. Truly, without volunteers, FARM couldn’t happen.

There are two levels of volunteering at the conference itself: part-time (total of 4 hours spent volunteering) or full time (total of 8 hours spent volunteering). The actual shifts vary in length, depending on the task. You may be assigned more than one shift in order to reach your total time commitment as a volunteer. 

STEP 1. Fill out the application form. This includes the information we need to contact you, as well as the hours you are available to potentially be scheduled during the conference. The more flexibility you can give us, the easier it is for us to match you to a shift. Based on your responses we’ll be able to narrow down the options for tasks you’ll be assigned.

STEP 2. Wait to hear from us. You’ll receive an answer as to whether you have been accepted as a volunteer, and at what level. Each level has a different code to use on the registration form so that the computer knows how to reduce the registration cost.

NOTE: You will get your actual assignment(s) closer to the conference.

After you are accepted, if you need to withdraw from volunteering altogether, or make changes to your availability, please send that information to conference@farmfolk.org, with a subject line of “FARM volunteer changes for [your name here]” to help your email stand out in the queue.

In exchange for your volunteer help, we will reduce your registration cost (this requires a code, which is sent after an application is submitted & accepted). A part-time volunteer will pay 50% of the registration fee at the time they register, plus $20; a full-time volunteer will pay a flat fee of $40, regardless of when they register. In the past, we were able to waive registration—but that was before we expanded the registration fee to include some meals. Now, registration for the conference includes dinners on both Friday and Saturday evenings for everyone, including all volunteers.

Preliminary List of Volunteer Tasks

(these are the major ones; others may arise)

  1. Tech support: Monitor and manage the participants, help speaker and host get set up, sound and video check/trouble-shooting. Experience helpful but as long as you have strong knowledge of Zoom, we will train. 
  2. Registration: Monitor and manage the incoming registrations. We’ll be using a web-based system. Good computer skills required. 
  3. Panel host: Front facing on Zoom, introduce speakers, work with Tech to manage Q& A, watch time and keep session on track.

Please contact us if you have skills you believe might be helpful to our organization.

The more of us who put our energy and ideas into the organization, the more useful FARM will be to folk music and dance in the Midwest and those of us that perform and manage. Much of the organizational process of FARM is accomplished over the internet between the Annual FARM Conferences.

If you can you answer these questions, it will help us immensely:

Is there a venue in your area that should know about Folk Alliance and FARM?

Is there a conference hotel in your area that would be a good location for a future gathering?

Would you like to help plan future Gatherings?

Is there a workshop you would love to see?

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