Recollections #4

October 2001

Things have been quiet on this list lately — unlike the greater world.

Just wanted to make a quick report that the 11th annual FARM Gathering (that’s Folk Alliance Region Midwest = FARM) was another success.  Held the weekend before this last one at The Kellogg Biological Station (KBS) in Hickory Corners Michigan.  This spot will also be the site for next year’s gathering.  The board is still scouting for a third location further to the south and west than this and the other site in rotation in Lake Geneva, Wis.  KBS is a perfectly lovely spot for FARM.  It was once the summer mansion for the Kellogg corn flake magnate, on lovely Gull Lake in Kalamazoo County.  Kellogg turned it over to Michigan State University some 50 years ago. MSU has developed the place into a research and conference facility, with dorms, apartments and cabins for visitors, a nice cafeteria/kitchen and a nicely sized auditorium along with smaller meeting rooms.

True to its tradition, FARM eschewed the idea of “showcasing” and instead offered a two-night open mike so that everybody got a turn on stage that wanted one.  Kitty Donohoe sang her new song “There Are No Words” written in the aftermath of the attack on NY/DC — a highpoint among many others.  Folks from Illinois offered a scholarship program for an Illinois teenager to attend without cost to her — a young tinwhistle player who charmed us all.  Meetings in the day were eagerly attended and the late night jams and song circles were especially vigorous this year.  It was indeed a good time to gather.

The FARM website is

This email is in no way the “official report” or anything — I just wanted to let folks in the alliance know that our event came off, even in this month of nervous travelers.

Joel Mabus