Recollections #5

When I first attended FARM it was being held at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  At this time it was rotating every two years between Lake Geneva and Battle Creek, MI.  I was conscripted to join the board somewhere during the first sojourn at Battle Creek and served for two years as treasurer.  During my time as a board member a survey of the entire Midwest Folk Alliance membership brought us to the conclusion that folks wanted us to add formal showcases as a part of the conference and we voted to make that change.

While showcases are fine, my fondest memories are of the wonderful late to all-night song circles that occur every single year and the beautiful friendships I’ve formed.

One good memory is of a conference at Battle Creek when the songwriters song circle I was in got too large to seem manageable and I went searching for something more intimate.

I heard this gorgeous music coming from the men’s room and upon entering discovered, among others David Mosier, Beth and Dan Lodge Rigal, Tom Gorman and I believe Bud Michaels and Catherine Ellis all playing between the stalls and this gorgeous sound reverberating off the tiles.

We stayed there till the wee hours sharing tunes while surprised individuals came in to use the facility and decided to look for another rest room.

Every year there are new surprising and memorable moments I will cherish always.

Dan Hazlett
Performing Songwriter