Official Showcase Information

Split between Friday and Saturday evenings, FARM features 14 Official Showcase Artists.  There is only one Official Showcase happening at a time, and there are no other conference events during the Official Showcase time.  In other words, all eyes will be on YOU when you perform!

2019 Submissions will follow a similar process, and similar timing, as in years past.

Submissions are expected to open by March 1st


Some General Information to help you prepare

  • Submission fee is $25
  • Official Showcase Artists will be privately notified about July 1st, and the public announcement will be about July 15th.
  • Artists submit two (2) videos of a live performance.
  • Links must go to a web page that automatically loads a live performance of a single song in its entirety.  Example:
  • Links do not need to be accessible to the public but they must be available from submission through the date of notification.
  • Judges will be instructed to do the best they can with what is provided by you, but they will not be encouraged to struggle with links that don’t work or songs that are embedded in a playlist.
  • After submitting your application, you’ll be able to test your links.

How to make the most of your chances

The best video submissions simply present you in front of the camera, preferably in front of an audience. Song videos submitted must be in the same act configuration that you plan to use at the FARM Showcase, if selected. So if you plan on performing solo, please do not send a link to a recording of you with a band or backup musicians.  A professional video is not needed, but be sure the sound quality is good – it will be hard to evaluate you if we can’t hear you!

What if I’m Not Selected for a Showcase?

Because there are only 14 slots and in any given year we receive over 100 submissions, many of you will not be selected. Keep in mind these things are subjective and many industry professionals are listening to your music. Not making it into the showcase doesn’t mean you didn’t impress the judges.  There are many other opportunities to showcase throughout the weekend (Performance Lane, Private Showcases, DJ/Venue showcase) so we hope you will consider attending the conference either way. As an added incentive, you will be given the  Super Early Bird rate of just $95 regardless of when you register.

We look forward to hearing from all of you.

Additional Terms and Conditions

  • Official Showcase Artists are expected to attend most, if not all, of the conference.  You are a BIG DEAL to us, and we want you to be present and part of our community!  We will ask you to commit to attending and participating in at least two full days of the conference.
  • All showcase entries must be submitted online. No-mail in or CD submissions will be accepted.
  • A $25 showcase submission fee will be due with the submission of your showcase entries. Payments may be made using PayPal or by check.
  • Selected artists pay an additional $20 showcase production fee due upon notification of selection.
  • Showcases take place on Friday and Saturday evenings. Make sure you are able to attend the conference on BOTH of those dates before submitting.
  • Two to four alternate artists will be chosen in the event a selected showcase artist(s) is unable to attend the conference.
  • Selected artists will be notified around July 1st.
  • Selected artists and all band members / backup musicians MUST be registered for the full conference. No exceptions.
  • Selected artists must be a member of Folk Alliance, If you are not a member you can join at
  • By submitting and being selected for a showcase, you agree that FARM may use your photo and video and songs in advertising for the conference.
  • Selected artists will be asked to submit an MP3 of one of their songs to FARM, which will be used to populate a Sound Cloud playlist on our website, and used via AirPlay Direct (APD) for promotional purposes.
  • By submitting showcase entries you indicate your understanding and agreement to the terms listed above.

MANY thanks to Lee Herman of Windy City House Concerts for coordinating the Official Showcases, to Fran Snyder, Jeff Robertson and their staff at Listening Room Network for operating and supporting the process with their online system for judging artist submissions, and especially to our judges for all the time and listening they put into the process. FARM board members and Listening Room Network employees are not showcases judges.

Email questions to Lee Herman

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