As promised, we are please and proud to announce our 2018 Official Showcase Line-up! But first, let me thank our Official Showcase coordinator, Lee Herman for all his hard work along with the diverse group of industry professionals who took the time to listen to 131 submissions for this year! There were way more exceptional artists than we had spots for so narrowing it down to just 14 was not an easy task. Please join us in congratulating the following performers (in no particular order):

Almond & Olive (Illinois)
Cari Ray & The Shaky Legs (Indiana)
Dan Weber (Washington)
Hayes Griffin and Nate Roberts (Michigan)
Heather Styka (Illinois)
Jessica Paige (Missouri)
Jen Sygit (Michigan)
Noah Derksen (Manitoba)
Rupert Wates (New York/Colorado)
Sons of the Never Wrong (Illinois)
Suzie Vinnick (Ontario)
Ted Yoder (Indiana)
The Early Mays (Pennsylvania)
Thunderwude (Michigan)

Alternates (in order of selection)
Brian Ashley Jones (Tennessee)
Andrea von Kampen (Nebraska)
Joe Shields (Michigan)
Brad Cole Trio (New York)
Kendra Swanson (Wisconsin)
Sam Pacetti (Florida)
Susan Cattaneo (Massachusetts

For those who did not get awarded a showcase this year, we can only remind you that this process is always subjective and hope you’ll feel free to submit again next year!

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