UPDATED: 9/20/22

Current Risk Level in DuPage County according to CDC.

To minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 FARM will be requiring masks during all conference activities and dedicated conference spaces.

Mask Policy (FAI)

Masks are required at all times in conference areas (meeting and showcase rooms, private showcase rooms and hallways, registration, etc.). The only exception is for artists while they are onstage performing. Conference registrants may briefly pull down their mask to take a drink or a bite of food, but should immediately pull up their mask. FARM encourages attendees to wear masks in other areas of the hotel, but this is not a hotel requirement, and other hotel guests and visitors may or may not wear masks or be vaccinated.

In order to create a safe and comfortable environment for all, we have taken into consideration any international attendees who have testing requirements for crossing borders, and those who are at high risk for complications from COVID-19. This is why we have chosen to continue to require masks during our event, despite the host city not having a mask mandate in place.

Vaccination Policy

While we will no longer require proof of vaccination, we encourage all those who are able to take advantage of available vaccines. We hope you will stay away if you are feeling any symptoms.

Different colored stickers will be provided to place on your name badge in order to visually indicate your comfort level around others. (Colors are subject to change based on availability)

  • RED: I’m keeping my distance (please keep at least three feet from me);
  • YELLOW: Ask me before handshakes/hugs
  • GREEN: I’m ok with handshakes, hugs, and high-fives!

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