Taking place in the Majestic Ballroom on Thursday, October 19 from 8-10:30 pm, this year’s Folk DJ Showcase features artists from all over the US and Canada that folk DJs are excited about. Here’s the list of this year’s performers in order of appearance…hope you can check them out!

Aleski Campagne presented by Sue Kessell – WNUR Chicago, IL

Joy Zimmerman presented by Naomi Soule and Terry Moses – KCLC St. Louis, MO

Taylor James Donskey presented by Naomi Soule and Terry Moses – KCLC St. Louis, MO

Naomi Ashley presented by Ron Lewis – WNUR Chicago, IL

Matt Lenny presented by Marilyn Rea Beyer – WFMT Chicago, IL

Aaron Nathans & Michael Ronstadt presented by Lilli Kuzma – WDCB Glen Ellyn, IL

Jaspar Lepak presented by Bruce Swan – WSFM Asheville, NC

Matthew French presented by Phil Maq – WHFR Dearborn, MI

Kashimana presented by Ellen Stanley – KFAI Minneapolis, MN

Kray Van Kirk presented by Wanda Fisher – WAMC Albany, NY

JC Clements presented by Carolyn VandeWiele – WFHB Bloomington, IN

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