According to our Official Showcase Coordinator Smitty, this was one of the most talented and diverse pools of showcase applications we have ever had! After many hours put in by our dedicated panel of judges, we are pleased to announce this year’s official showcase artists who were selected out of 171 talented applicants:

Connie Kaldor (Montreal QC)

David LaMotte (Black Mountain, NC)

Donné Roberts (Toronto, ON)

Flagship Romance (Louisville, KY)

Good Morning Bedlam (Minneapolis, MN)

Greg Greenway (Ashland, VA)

Jason Wilber (Bloomington, IN)

Javier Jara (Austin, TX)

Karyn Oliver (Fort Worth, TX)

Mia Borders (New Orleans, LA)

Pretend Friend (Wichita, KS)

Sons of the Never Wrong (Chicago, IL)

The Foxgloves (Minneapolis, MN)

The High 48s (Minneapolis, MN)



Caroline Cotter (Ellsworth, ME)

Hearth & Hymn (Ann Arbor, MI)

Sam Robbins (Nashville, TN)

Stone & Snow (Cincinnati, OH)

Thank you to everyone who submitted this year and we hope you’ll still plan to join us. We have insider info that a couple of our judges already booked (or plan to book) a few who were not in the final selections this year. True testament to the subjective nature of the process but also the value in just submitting.

Stay tuned for more information about the Folk DJ Showcase and Private Showcase opportunities.

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