We’re breaking all kinds of records with both first-timer and early registrations. Thanks to all who have jumped on board so early! There’s still time to register at the Early Bird rate of only $115.00 and don’t forget that the cost of your registration includes dinner on Friday night!  On July 1st the rate will go up.

Now about Performance Lane

Performance Lane has a long history at FARM as being a great opportunity to be heard by most attendees. This unplugged showcase has evolved over the years, starting out as a 1 song performance in the main hall, growing to 2 smaller rooms simultaneously holding 10 minute performances and more recently, we’ve expanded to 3 rooms. No final plans have been made for this year but the demand has been fierce and we filled up our first phase pretty quickly. HOWEVER, while we are calling Performance Lane full, there is a really good chance that more slots will open up. For that reason we encourage folks to register soon and request a slot. There are no guarantees but the sooner you register, the sooner you’ll get on the wait list.

All that said, please don’t let the lack of a Performance Lane showcase keep you from attending. There are many other opportunities to perform. Our popular Private Showcases offer over 400 longer sets over 3 nights. We’ll be announcing our Private Showcase hosts toward the end of July so watch for more on that and if you’re not already signed up for the Listserve – we suggest you do that soon. Instructions and info here: https://lists.folkserv.net/mailman/listinfo/farm.

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