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When you join the email list by filling in the form below, you will receive FARM Newsletters.  The newsletter is sent occasionally (more often in the months leading up to the conference) to inform everyone of FARM happenings throughout the year. Just Name, Email and Zip Code are required fields but we appreciate you completing the full mailing address for our records.


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There is a second means to stay connected with the FARM community – join the FARM listserve.  The FARM listserve is separate from our mailing list.  It can be used by members to communicate with other members and stay informed before during and after the conference.  Typically members will communicate just before the conference for things such as setting up ride shares, looking for roommates, soliciting private showcase spots, etc.). 

If you want to contact FARM directly, we prefer that you contact us via email.  Email

If you must send us something via snail mail, the address is:
Folk Alliance Region Midwest
PO Box 22
Remus, MI  49340