We are super happy to announce this year’s DJs and their artist selections for this popular showcase that takes place on Thursday Night, Oct 24 8pm.

Thanks so much to Rich Warren for organizing the showcase again!
Schedule TBA.
Folkapotamus presented by Wanda Fischer, WAMC, Albany, NY
Monte Pride presented by Jim Hall & Cindy Morgan, WLNZ, Lansing, MI
Jonas Friddle presented by Sue Kessell, WNUR, Evanston-Chicago, IL
Doug Harsch presented by Al Kniola, WVPE, South Bend, IN
Jared Rabin presented by Lilli Kuzma, WDCB, Glenn Ellyn-Chicago, IL
Michael Braunfeld presented by Terry Moses & Naomi Soule, 89.1 The Wood, St Louis, MO
Aspen Jacobsen presented by Laura Nowe, WYCE, Grand Rapids
Dave Boutette and Kristi Lynn Davis presented by Jen Sygit, WLNZ, Lansing, MI
Fendrick & Peck presented by Rich Warren, WFMT, Chicago, IL
Annie Sumi Trio presented by Matt Watroba, WKAR, East Lansing, MI
Brian Koenigsknecht presented by Darcy Wilkin & Mark Sahlgrean, WMUK, Kalamazoo, MI

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