Frequently Asked Questions

This page is a work in progress and will be updated frequently. Though we do our best to answer all of your questions on the website, sometimes they aren’t as easy to find so we’re hoping this batch of quick links will get you to the right place. 

What does "FARM" stand for?

F.A.R.M. stands for Folk Alliance Region Midwest. We are affiliated with the Folk Alliance International (

Find out more about FARM here:

How Much Does it Cost to Attend?

Our registration rates can all be found here:

Why does breakfast cost so much?

FARM actually charges our attendees less than what we are charged by the hotel. This is where the conference centers make their money and you can trust that we negotiate the best possible deal to keep your costs low. Consider that you’re also paying a bit extra for the opportunity to commune with other attendees while you enjoy a meal. 

Are meals included with my registration?

In 2019, we are including dinner on both Friday and Saturday. Breakfast buffet is available for an additional fee on the FARM store. 

The FARM Store

Does FARM Compensate Workshop Presenters & Panelists?

We truly appreciate their willingness share their knowledge to the community. We do not as a rule offer any compensation to our workshop presenters and panelists.

Most of our presenters and panelists are folks who would be attending the conference regardless and we feel that being on a panel is a benefit to the attendee as it elevates their visibility offering them additional exposture both at the conference and in the program book.

That said, on rare occasion, if a workshop presenter is someone FARM has recruited and their presence at the conference would be more benefit to the conference than to them, that person may be offered free registration or otherwise compensated for their time.

What is a Private Showcase?

Originally called “Guerilla Showcase” these unplugged late night performances are an extremely popular part of the conference.  

They take place in hotel rooms that are converted to mini concert venues. Beds are moved or sometimes REmoved and chairs are added. Some hosts go all out with decorating and others are more subtle but all provide opportunities for performers to showcase multiple times throughout the weekend.

Find out more here:

How do I apply for a DJ Showcase?

DJ’s select their own artists to introduce to the community, however, we do provide them with a list of artists who would like to be considered. The process to submit your name for consideration by a DJ is a simple form which will become available after the official showcase artists are announced. Typically around July 15. 

Midwest Radio Showcase

Can we sell our merch at the conference?

Official showcase artists are allowed to sell their CDs the night of their showcase. FARM provides a table and a person to handle the sales. 

Beyond that, we strongly discourage attendees from “selling” their CDs as this is an opportunity to swap music with fellow performers, hand your CDs to a venue booker or radio DJ or just get your music into the hands of a new fan. 

That said, if someone approaches you to purchase a CD, we don’t want to deny you the chance to make a few hard-earned dollars so that is at your descretion. Any purchase of CDs or other merch between an artist and another attendee must be handled by the artist.

How do I sign up for an Open Mic?

FARM’s open mics for 2019 are still being worked out. We are changing a few things about the sign up process and will be announcing that as soon as we make our decisions. 

Open Mic Opportunities at FARM

How do I become a volunteer at FARM?
When will the conference schedule be available?

You can view a high level overview of the conference schedule at the link below. Of course, as we iron out the details those will become available closer to the conference. 

Conference Schedule

How do I suggest a Workshop?

You can complete the form on this page until June 15.

Workshops & Panels

Why should I attend FARM?

If you’re a venue or festival asking we LOVE answering this question:

  1. Discover (or rediscover) new talented artists for your next season. 
    “But I already get more inquiries than I can handle.”
    “Sure, but don’t you prefer to see a performer live? What better way to get an idea if they’re right for your venue. Plus you get to meet the person and establish a relationship.”
  2. Connect with other concert presenters.
  3. Grow awareness of your venue or festival.
  4. Learn and/or share tips and techniques for making your venue even better! 
  5. Be part of a community of music loving people.

If you’re a performer

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