First a note: The plan for 2013 is to stay in St. Louis. However, our conference dates and details are still being ironed out. The best way to keep informed is to join the mailing list AND sign up for our listserve both of which you can do from our Contact Us page. In the meantime, please bear with us as we go through our post-conference decompression and leadership transition.

Suffice it to say that while there are a large number of individuals to whom we are exceedingly grateful for contributing significantly to making this year’s FARM the best yet, if you were in attendance, you played a very important role and we are sincerely thankful. Every person who shared a little music, imparted a bit of wisdom, sat quietly and listened, enthusiastically applauded, offered to help out with big tasks and small, made a new person feel welcome, reconnected with an old friend, made us laugh, made us think, provided encouragement, taught some guitar, gave a good hug, said ‘thank you’ or a kind word, offered thoughtful ideas, support and enthusiasm, gracious understanding when things didn’t go right, generosity, pats on the back, a spontaneous shoulder massage, great conversation, mind-boggling card tricks, a firm hand-shake or a genuine smile. It’s incredibly heartening to see fellow artists supporting each other and focusing their attention away from their own careers long enough to be a fan. None-the-less, we saw a lot of business being done and trust that artists and venues alike found the conference to be productive and worth their time and investment.

This being our first year in St. Louis and a new venue, we anticipated some hiccups and there were a few, but we’re proud to say that, with this outstanding community, we had more help than we could ask for both among those who signed up in advance or those who just filled a need at the last minute. Overall, we’re really pleased with the location and it was exciting to have a real theater to hold our evening showcase events. The level of professionalism at this year’s conference was elevated to new heights and we fully anticipate a continuation of that growth.

Thanks again to all for being part of a fantastic weekend (even if you were just there in spirit)!

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