We are REALLY EXCITED to announce our workshop lineup for this year’s conference in St. Louis.  More details will follow, but here is our current workshop lineup.

The ‘events’ will have their own time on the conference schedule so we can all participate.  The workshops will be in three sessions, with five of them running concurrently during each session (some tough decision making about what to attend!).


  • Call and Response Songs & Singing
    • Thursday 4:00 – 5:30 pm
    • Hosted by Andrew Calhoun & friends
  • Legacy:  The Roots of Songwriting
    • Friday 9:00 – 11:00 am
    • Scott Alarik, Folksinger, Journalist, Author
  • Meet me at the Square (square dance)
    • Saturday 9:00 – 11:00 am
    • Presented by the Folk School of St Louis with Kelly Wells


  • Vocal Workshop
    • Elaine McMillan
  • How to use a PA
    • Mike Cowan
  • Getting past I-IV-V and Musicality
    • Andrew Calhoun & Tracy Grammer
  • Using Social Media
    • Billy Eli & Claudia Nygaard
  • Joy and Flow: Developing and Sustaining Joy in your Career
    • Jill Stratton and Jenna Lindbo
  • Songs of Social Conscience / Actions
    • Tom Irwin, Steve Rich, Sandy Andina & Bucky Halker
  • Creativity and Tradition
    • Mark Dvorak, Kelly Wells & Ryan Spearman
  • Grant Writing & Crowd Funding for the working musician
    • Chris Vallillo, Bucky Halker, Emily White & Charlie Mosbrook
  • Venues peer group
    • Dudley (Smitty) Smith & Annie Capps
  • Country Blues Guitar master class
    • Andy Cohen
  • Guitars and Trains
    • Robin Bienemann
  • Releasing a CD (You Don’t Need No Stinkin Label)
    • Pamela Parker & Sue Fink
  • Sparking in the Gap:  Songwriting Workshop
    • Josh Rose, Buddy Mondlock & Caroline Aiken
  • Stagecraft / Developing a Show
    • Chris Vallillo, Steve Rich, Tracy Grammer & Mark Dvorak
  • Help me Say Yes to your Booking Request / DIY Booking and Tour Management
    • Joanne Martin & Bill and Kate Isles

See you in St. Louis!!!



Vice President, Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM)

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