and in case you haven’t noticed, WELCOME TO OUR BRAND NEW WEBSITE!! It’s still a work in progress and we’ll be adding more historical info, photos and videos throughout the coming months. We’ll also be posting here and on Social Networks often bringing you up-to-the-minute info as plans for an exciting conference start to come together. In the meantime, there is already lots of info available so poke around on our website and let us know what you think!!

Most importantly, as the topic of this post says

Our 1 month special SUPER EARLY-BIRD rate is in effect now! Only $95

(and this year your registration includes Friday night dinner!)

We’d also like you to notice that we are now offering advertising banners on website! What a great opportunity for exposure and linking through to your own website or social page. Visit our new FARM Store for all the advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

And finally, for now, tf you’re not already signed up to receive our newsletters may we suggest you do that now by clicking HERE!

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