We are proud to honor:

Dave Moore, 2017 Folk Tradition in the Midwest Award Winner

and Andy Cohen, 2017 Lantern Bearer Award Winner.

Join the ceremony Thursday night, Oct 19th

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dave Moore was raised in Cedar Rapids and resides in Iowa City. He records for Red House records, and has toured throughout the United States and Canada.   Dave was a frequent guest on American Public Radio`s “A Prairie Home Companion”. He was the recipient of a National Endowment For The Arts grant in 1987 to study conjunto music in San Antonio. In Iowa, he was an artist in residence in the schools.



One doesn’t condense seventy years into five hundred words without losing something in the translation, but if you can imagine a life in which all efforts were subordinated to a single, preservationist theme, that’s Andy Cohen.  Ten years of grad school, thirty years of Archaeology, fifty years of playing old music and seventy years of listening to it in back of his advocacy position. As older ways of doing, making and thinking get replaced by shallow plastic pat answers designed for particular market niches, the older music that Andy and others do serves as a touchstone


Read more about Dave, Andy, and the annual FARM awards HERE.


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