Folk Alliance Region Midwest is reaching out to the Iowa City community’s seniors and giving back by providing Songs for Seniors on Thursday, October 22nd. Robinlee Garber and David G. Smith, two FARM attendees, are arranging for volunteer musicians attending the FARM conference to perform on location at three Iowa City area senior facilities. Volunteers are needed to be part of these performances!! Read on for details, and contact Robinlee at if you want to participate or want more info.

We’ll be performing on location for seniors (assisted living, nursing home, memory unit, skilled nursing) at three locations within a 25 minute drive of the Sheraton Iowa City with post performance discussion back at the Sheraton in the Lucas Room. The emphasis is on both community service and on touring musicians thinking outside the box for venue opportunities and booking days other than weekends (much like house concerts). There will also be a focus on the therapeutic value of music and learning how to engage and communicate with a clientele a little different than you might find in a public venue (example: this may include sing-a-longs and doing covers of generational material). The team will discuss mitigating performer fees to accommodate facility budgets and discuss mindset (i.e. offering musician services as a form of community service and give back for a reduced fee or free show). It’s good for the soul and a win/win for all. Other topics and Q&A as needed.

Performers must be in the Sheraton Iowa City lobby, ready to go at 8:00am Thursday, October 22nd to load the vehicles and discuss final preparations. Transportation will be provided, and is arranged to leave before 9am. All 3 performances will run from 10:00 to 11:30am. Fake books will be available. Three artists plus a facilitator (Robinlee Garber, David G. Smith, and Dave Moore) will perform in the round at each facility. That equals 9 available slots for sign up. It is possible we might be able to take a couple more folks to observe and learn. All FARM attendees are welcome to attend the post-performance discussion at 1:00 pm in the Lucas Room.

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