FARM is excited to announce the addition of a Private Showcase room dedicated to supporting musicians attending FARM for the first time.

We will accept the first 24 ‘applications’ by first time attendees. You may apply by emailing your details (your name and contact info, name of the act, any constraints on times / dates, etc.) to Smitty at

The room will feature a series of 30 minute ‘In The Round’ showcases. Each showcase will consist of three musicians, two first timers and a FARM regular attendee, who will be in charge of the round and act as mentor to the first time attendees (if needed!!).

We are excited to provide this service to our new attendees and hope that you take advantage of it.

And if you are NOT a first timer, stop by private showcase room #258 between midnight and 2am each night and check out the awesome new talent at FARM this year!


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