FARM members should be watching for an email requesting nominations for the FARM Board of Directors. The FARM election process can be found in the bylaws which are on the FARM website at .
This year there are 6 board positions open for election. The FARM Board, acting as the nominating committee, has nominated the following individuals: Nancy Emrich, Brianna Lane, Cindy Morgan, Charlie Mosbrook, Smitty Smith and Lola Tyler. Nancy, Smitty and Lola are current board members seeking re-election.
A bylaw change approved by the membership last year increases the term for board members from 2 years to 3. The board needs to create 3 classes with 3 members each so that no more that 3 board positions will be up for election in any year. To achieve this the board has decided for the 2017 election the top 3 candidates in the vote count will get a 3 year term. And the next 3 candidates in the vote count will get a 2 year term.
The board’s nominees will be presented to the FARM membership, by email, no later than 90 days prior to the annual membership meeting. The annual membership meeting is held on the last day of FARM’s October conference.
The FARM membership will then have 30 days to make their own nominations. Nominations from the membership must be accompanied by a short biography, hi-res photo and 3 letter of recommendations. The letters of recommendation can be emails and need only to state the sender’s recommendation.
If there are no additional nominees from the FARM membership, the election is considered completed and the individuals nominated by the board are elected. Should this occur, the 3 incumbent board members will get the 3 year terms and the 3 new board members will get the 2 year terms. If the FARM membership makes additional nominations an electronic ballot will be emailed to the membership no later than 30 days prior to the annual membership meeting. Results of the election will be announced at the annual FARM membership meeting. .
FARM membership includes all active FAI members who reside in the FARM region or have designated FARM as their home region. Some individuals have their membership through an organization. The organization maintains the right to exercise their votes. The election emails will go to the email address on record for that organization not to the individual members of that organization. Only active members on the date emails are sent will be included. If you want to participate in the FARM election, now is a good time to join or renew your Folk Alliance International membership.
FAI handles the election process on our behalf.
Bob Hofbauer
FARM Board President

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