FARM Lantern Bearer Award

Past recipients of the Folk Tradition in the Midwest Lifetime Achievement Award include:

Dave & Linda Siglin (2018), Dave Moore (2017) Sally Potter (2016), Ann & Will Schmid (2015), Eric Peltoniemi (2014), Jim Blum (2013), Cathy Barton and Dave Para (2012), Bob Blackman (2011), Maggie Ferguson (2009), David Tamulevich (2008), Juel Ulven (2007), Margaret Nelson (2006), Dave Humphreys (2005), Glen & Judi Morningstar (2004), Stan Werbin (2003), Rich Warren (2002), Larry Bruner (2001), Art Thieme (2000)

Lantern Bearer Award

Past recipients of the Lantern Bearer Award include: Chuck Mitchell (2018), Andy Cohen (2017), Sue Kessell (2016), Matt Watroba (2015), Mark Dvorak (2013), Andrew Calhoun (2012), Lou & Peter Berryman (2011), Susan Urban and Phil Cooper (2009), Chris McIntosh & Alvin McGovern (2008), Joel Mabus (2006)

The FARM Lantern Bearer Award is given annually to recognize an individual, group or organization in the Midwest region who has made significant contributions to the folk performance arts in our community locally and/or regionally. This Award recognizes outstanding members of our community in areas of excellence such as Activism, Community, Cultural/Diversity Inclusion, Folk DJ, Emerging Artists, etc., as a benchmark of their success.

FARM has standardized nomination and selection procedures for this award which serves to honor the recipient and increase awareness of and strengthen ties within and beyond the Midwest folk music and dance communities.

Nominations are accepted from any member of FARM, with the finalist(s) selected by the FARM Board of Directors.

A nominee must:

  • Maintain a high level of achievement over a number of years
  • Demonstrate continued excellence in their field of expertise
  • Be engaged with the wider FARM community

A nominator must:

  • Fill out the nomination form which includes identifying and contact information for both nominator and nominee.
  • Explain in two or three paragraphs why the nominee is deserving of the Award (included in the form, or you may attach a separate letter).
  • List the major achievements of the nominee (included in the form, or you may include it in your attached letter).
  • Ask at least two other people to write letters of reference, in addition to your nominating statement. Include their names and contact information on your nomination form. You may attach letters of support from the references or ask the references to send their support letters directly to

All completed nominations will move on to the final round for the 2022 Lantern Bearer Award, after which the Board will select up to four nominees. Award winners will be announced after September 1.

Award Call for Entries is now open and will remain open until 11:59 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), on August 1, 2022.

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