FARM will be designating twelve hotel rooms for Private Showcases.  The private showcase area is always an exciting and inviting place to be!!  And our chief of terrier security and cuteness, Champ, will return to FARM in 2018.  Our current plan is for the Private Showcases to run from 11:30pm to 2am each night of the conference (Thur, Fri, Sat). THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE!

ATTENTION hosts of Private Showcase rooms at FARM Iowa City 2017.

In Grand Rapids, at our 2018 conference, we expect to have more demand for hosting rooms than we have hotel rooms available for private showcases.

While we LOVE all of you for all the work you’ve put into hosting private showcase rooms at past FARM conferences, and are eternally grateful, please do not assume that you will be able to host a room this year.

There is a new application process for hosting private showcase rooms at FARM 2018.  You need to fill out the form below by July 15th. 

Until the decisions are made, please DO NOT book artists for your room, imply to artists that you can and / or will host them, or make any other similar committments.

Below is all the information you should need about applying to host a room or soliciting hosts for a showcase.

2019 Private Showcase hosts

NEW HOST: The Tending To The Soul – Rm 127 (Saturday) FULL
Contact: Brian Peck and Madeline Fendrick,

NEW HOST: Palamazoo, Rm 110 (Friday) (FULL)
Contact: Susan Harrison,

NEW HOST: Story Through Song, Rm 129 (Saturday) FULL
Contact: Audra Kubat,

NEW HOST: On The Tracks Songwriter Showcase, Rm 129 (Thursday & Friday) 
Contact: Annie Capps,

Room Name: On The Tracks Michigan Showcase, Rm 127 (Friday) (FULL)
Contact: Annie Capps,

Room Name: Hickory Ridge Concerts – Rm 124 (FULL)
Contact: Chris Vallillo,

Room Name: First Timer Room – Rm 104 (FULL)
Contact: Smitty Smith,
NOTE: You can still inquire with Smitty as he’ll put your name on a wait list. People do sometimes cancel.

Room Name: Two Way Street Coffee House – Rm 120 (FULL)
Contact: Denny (Denise) Davis,

Room Name: Folknet – Rm 119 (FULL)
Contact: Charlie Mosbrook,

Room Name: Uncorked – Rm 115 (FULL)
Contact: Loretta Sawyer,

Room Name: Traditional Room – Rm 112 (FULL)
Contact: Joan Hellmann,

Room Name: The Warming House – Minnesota Room – Rm 105 (FULL)
Contact: John Louis,

Room Name: The BOM – Rm 109 (FULL)
Contact: Lou DeMarco,

Room Name: LilFest – Rm 123 (FULL)
Contact: Nancy Emrich Freeman,

Room Name: Wheatland Music Festival – Rm 128 (FULL)
Contact: Scott Cavner,

Room Name: Songs of Justice – Rm 101 (Thurs)
Contact: None. No sign up, just drop in, like a song circle
Nights Hosting: Thursday (1)

Room Name: Hoosier Folk – Rm 101 (Fri/Sat) (FULL)
Contact: Phil Slates,

Room Name: LGBTQI+ ALLIES Pride Showcase – Rm 116 (Thurs) (FULL)
Contact: Russell Goodwin,

Room Name: CrabDonkey Murder Ballads – Rm 116 (Fri) (FULL)
Contact: Mark Smith,

Room Name: Duos and Pairs – Rm 116 (Sat) (FULL)
Contact: Daniel Senie,

Room Name: Foundry Hall – Rm 108 (FULL)
Contact: Andy Baker,

Private Showcase Info & Etiquette

We want to thank all of our hosts for hosting. Private Showcases take place from 11:30 PM to 2:30 AM Thursday, Friday & Saturday night time (which is more accurately Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning but for our purposes it’s still night time). Note that some rooms are hosted by different folks on different nights and some rooms are only open one or two nights. See the new Private Showcase program for complete listings.

Hosts may have their own rules in addition to this but here are a few reminders.


  • Watch your volume: We certainly want you to be enthusiastic but remember that there are performers right next door and we want everyone to have the best opportunity to be heard.
  • Watch your time: This may seem obvious but please arrive on time, end on time and get out of the way for the next performer. We ask that you do your pre- and post-set networking and socializing as quietly as possible or better yet, out in the lobby.
  • Plan ahead: Prepare your set in advance and time it so you know how long it will take and then pad it for talking or tuning.

Hosts are responsible for the condition of their rooms. Snacks and beverages are allowed; however, if you partake in a room’s offerings, not only do we expect you to clean up after yourself, we trust you’ll stay for at least one showcase!

Sorry but while we know some folks are able to keep the volume down, it’s a can of worms we don’t want to open. This is an all acoustic performance. Please plan accordingly.

ADVERTISE YOUR SHOWCASE! We encourage you to spread the word about your showcases. It’s appropriate to make small handouts with your showcase schedule but don’t make so many that you waste a lot of paper. Get creative!! 

This is primarily for audience members but we hope our performers will have fun as well! We trust you’ll have a hard time deciding where to go, but make sure you schedule in some acts you’ve never heard before. Discovery is the best part of any conference!

Important Info for Hosts

  • Once you have been confirmed as a host you will pay for your Private Showcase Room via the The FARM Store Choose “FARM Private Showcase Room Fee”.  Pay one fee per night that you will host a room. This fee must be paid by September 1 or your room will be given to someone else.
  • The fee for hosting a private showcase room is $135 per night – this INCLUDES the cost of the hotel room.
  • IMPORTANT: You will reserve the private showcase room directly with FARM (not thru the hotel).  You are welcome to sleep in this room, although this might not be possible if hosting only one or two nights.  If you want a separate sleeping room, please book that and pay for it directly with the hotel (see the Hotel Info
  • Furniture may be removed, upon request.  There is an additional fee for this service, which will probably be about $100.
  • The hotel will provide ten folding chairs per room.
  • Private Showcases will be allowed Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights beginning at 11:30 pm and ending at 2:30 am.
  • Absolutely NO amplification will be allowed, and all rooms must be quiet after 2:30 am.
  • Full conference registration is required for ALL performers and hosts and host helpers.
  • Some Private Showcase hosts may choose to charge the showcasing artists a small fee to help offset the cost of their room, refreshments and advertising. This is optional and at the discretion of each individual host. Set times and number of performers ‘in the round’ per set is also at the discretion of each host.
  • Four Showcase Limit: It is always the goal at FARM to make sure everyone who wants to perform has at least one opportunity to do so. To that end, and to avoid over-booking the same artist, we are asking artists to limit themselves to 4 showcases (this includes Official Showcase, DJ Showcase, and all Private Showcases; however it does not include Performance Lane.) We expect that when booking, Private Showcase hosts will ask each performer if they have already booked four showcases and not book them if
    they have; and we expect performers to be aware of the number of showcases they have booked and not seek further bookings once they have four.
  • FARM will once again host a First Timer Room, free of charge to musicians.  A performance in this room DOES count towards the four performance limit.

We will need your final line-up by October 1.  You will be provided with a template to use, we need to have the info in a very specific format.

How to Solicit Private Showcase MUSICIANS or HOSTS

 019 Private Showcase Host contact information will be posted here starting in August.

Click HERE for info on how to join our listserve, which is the primary communications tool for soliciting gigs in private showcases.  And while you’re on that page, signup for the newsletter email list (if you haven’t already).  The newsletter will keep you very informed regarding the conference and all FARM activities.

Once you are signed up for the listserve and hosts are announced on August 1, performers and hosts can send emails to everyone else on the list serve, stating your interest in performing in a private showcase room.

Performers may also contact the hosts directly by email once the host emails have been announced (about August 1).

Some Private Showcase Hosts may choose to charge the showcasing artists a small fee to help offset the cost of their room, refreshments and advertising. This is optional and at the discretion of each individual host.

ABSOLUTELY NO guerrilla or any other type of in-room showcasing will be allowed in any other rooms or at any other times.

NOTE: Four Showcase Limit
It is always the goal at FARM to make sure everyone who wants to perform has at least one opportunity to do so. To that end, and to avoid over-booking the same artist, we are asking artists to limit themselves to 4 showcases (this includes Official Showcase, DJ Showcase, and all Private Showcases; however it does not include Performance Lane.) We expect that when booking, Private Showcase hosts will ask each performer if they have already booked four showcases and not book them if
they have; and we expect performers to be aware of the number of showcases they have booked and not seek further bookings once they have four.

Sign up to receive our newsletters to be notified when this information is updated.


We will again have a Private Showcase room reserved for first time attendees (1st timers).  If this is your first time registering for FARM, you are eligible! The 1st Timer room will feature a series of 30 minute In The Round performances, each consisting of three 1st time attendees.  Spots in this room will be assigned based your request with priority based on REGISTRATION ORDER.

Email our First Timer Room Coordinator of your interests, and tell him any date / time preferences to help him schedule you.


Private Showcase Room Host Application

We need to know how many nights and which nights you are interested in hosting a room, and what you will accept if we cannot accommodate your preferences. Keep in mind that if we have more people who would like to host than we have rooms available, we may need to make adjustments and ask you to host fewer nights than you requested. We will do our best to accommodate as many people who wish to host as possible, but circumstances may prevent us from meeting everyone’s particular preferences. Please select how many nights you would like to host if possible.

If offered 1 night, which night would you prefer to host.

If offered 2 nights, which nights would you prefer to host.

Have you hosted a Private Showcase Room before? (Includes FARM, other Regions, FAI) NOTE: We like new hosts and new ideas! Just because you’ve never hosted a room before doesn’t mean you’ll be excluded, we just want to get an idea of the experience level for our hosts

Will you be sleeping in the showcase room?

If YES: Do you prefer 2 Queen or 1 King? (no guarantees, but we will do our best)

12 + 14 =

In 2018, we will once again provide an online, sortable and filterable Private Showcase Schedule.  Instead of printing the schedule – and since there are multiple ways you’d like to see the schedule it takes lots of pages – you can now look it up on your smart phone, tablet or laptop.  Want to know the line up in a particular room?  Click on the host button and sort by the host rooms.  Want to know when your favorite musician is performing?  Click on the performer button.  Standing in the hallway at 1:30 on Friday night with no idea where to go?  Click on the date/time button.  Check it out.  This “app” was designed by B. Ryan B., so congratulate him on a job well done.

(<a href=”#help”>Need help sorting/ordering or searching/filtering this list?</a>)

TimeSortRoomHost / ThemePerformer
Fri 11:3026 23:30101Hoosier FolkTim Grimm
Fri 12:0027 00:00101Hoosier FolkLast Acre
Fri 12:3027 00:30101Hoosier FolkJoel Mabus
Fri 1:0027 01:00101Hoosier FolkChuck Mitchell
Fri 1:3027 01:30101Hoosier FolkDan Weber
Fri 2:0027 02:00101Hoosier FolkKrista Detor
Sat 11:3027 23:30101Hoosier FolkJoe Peter, Linda Hicks, Mark Dvorak
Sat 12:0028 00:00101Hoosier FolkEric Lambert, Rob Abernethy
Sat 12:3028 00:30101Hoosier FolkJoel Curtis, Katie Dahl
Sat 1:0028 01:00101Hoosier FolkTed Yoder, Heather Styka
Sat 1:3028 01:30101Hoosier FolkBryce Ernest Taylor, Don White
Sat 2:0028 02:00101Hoosier FolkTim Grimm, Cari Ray & the Shaky Legs
Thu 11:3025 23:30102Jenny & RobinAmy Dixon-Kolar, Emily White
Thu 12:0026 00:00102Jenny & RobinJim Bizer and Jan Krist, Katie Dahl
Thu 12:3026 00:30102Jenny & RobinJenny Bienemann, Joe Shields
Thu 1:0026 01:00102Jenny & RobinSons of the Never Wrong
Thu 1:3026 01:30102Jenny & RobinRobin Bienemann, Last Acre
Thu 2:0026 02:00102Jenny & RobinDan Hazlett, Simeon Peebler
Fri 11:3026 23:30102Jenny & RobinAndy Baker, Michelle Held
Fri 12:0027 00:00102Jenny & RobinDon White
Fri 12:3027 00:30102Jenny & RobinJeanne Kuhns, Matthew Michael & Christina Marie
Fri 1:0027 01:00102Jenny & RobinKelly Hoppenjans, Robin Bienemann
Fri 1:3027 01:30102Jenny & RobinSigrid Christiansen, Sue Fink
Fri 2:0027 02:00102Jenny & RobinAnne Heaton, Jenny Bienemann
Thu 11:3025 23:30104HandS!!Doug Harsch, Donna Herula, Mark Lavengood
Thu 12:3026 00:30104HandS!!Curt Joa, John Louis, Bryce Ernest Taylor
Thu 1:3026 01:30104HandS!!Paige Hargrove, Taylor Steele, Andrea von Kampen
Fri 11:3026 23:30104On the Tracks SongwritersSusan Harrison
Fri 11:4526 23:45104On the Tracks SongwritersSigrid Christiansen
Fri 12:0027 00:00104On the Tracks SongwritersKitty Donohoe
Fri 12:1527 00:15104On the Tracks SongwritersJill Jack
Fri 12:3027 00:30104On the Tracks SongwritersBrett Mitchell
Fri 12:4527 00:45104On the Tracks SongwritersPatricia Pettinga
Fri 1:0027 01:00104On the Tracks SongwritersJan Bell
Fri 1:1527 01:15104On the Tracks SongwritersDrive South
Fri 1:3027 01:30104On the Tracks SongwritersJosh Rose
Fri 1:4527 01:45104On the Tracks SongwritersSandra Effert
Fri 2:0027 02:00104On the Tracks SongwritersTerri Laddusaw
Sat 11:1527 23:15104Happy WheatlandAspen Jacobsen
Sat 11:3027 23:30104Happy WheatlandShari Kane & Dave Steele
Sat 12:0028 00:00104Happy WheatlandFauxgrass wsg Aspen Jacobsen
Sat 12:3028 00:30104Happy WheatlandEd Dupas
Sat 1:0028 01:00104Happy WheatlandDrive South
Sat 1:3028 01:30104Happy WheatlandNicolas James Thomasma
Thu 11:4025 23:40105Two Way Street Coffee HouseDennis Warner
Thu 12:0026 00:00105Two Way Street Coffee HouseFebruary Sky
Thu 12:2026 00:20105Two Way Street Coffee HouseRuth & Max Bloomquist
Thu 12:4026 00:40105Two Way Street Coffee HouseStar Belle Ukulele Band
Thu 1:0026 01:00105Two Way Street Coffee HouseEric Lambert
Thu 1:2026 01:20105Two Way Street Coffee HouseEscaping Pavement
Thu 1:4026 01:40105Two Way Street Coffee HouseErin Eades
Fri 11:4026 23:40105Two Way Street Coffee HouseDavid G. Smith
Fri 12:0027 00:00105Two Way Street Coffee HouseJan Krist & Jim Bizer
Fri 12:2027 00:20105Two Way Street Coffee HouseBlind Hills
Fri 12:4027 00:40105Two Way Street Coffee HouseAmy Dixon-Kolar
Fri 1:0027 01:00105Two Way Street Coffee HouseKatie Dahl
Fri 1:2027 01:20105Two Way Street Coffee HouseRyan Herrick
Fri 1:4027 01:40105Two Way Street Coffee HouseMark Lavengood
Sat 11:4027 23:40105Two Way Street Coffee HouseDiamonds in the Rust
Sat 12:0028 00:00105Two Way Street Coffee HouseDan Weber
Sat 12:2028 00:20105Two Way Street Coffee HouseAshley & Simpson
Sat 12:4028 00:40105Two Way Street Coffee HouseHope Dunbar
Sat 1:0028 01:00105Two Way Street Coffee HouseLast Acre
Sat 1:2028 01:20105Two Way Street Coffee HouseEmily White
Sat 1:4028 01:40105Two Way Street Coffee HouseMatthew Michael & Christina Marie
Thu 11:3025 23:30107Chatfield Chosen BeanMustard's Retreat
Thu 11:4525 23:45107Chatfield Chosen BeanBrian Ashley Jones
Thu 12:0026 00:00107Chatfield Chosen BeanSuzie Vinnick
Thu 12:1526 00:15107Chatfield Chosen BeanAndrea von Kampen
Thu 12:3026 00:30107Chatfield Chosen BeanRod Abernethy
Thu 12:5026 00:50107Chatfield Chosen BeanSpook Handy
Thu 1:1026 01:10107Chatfield Chosen BeanNoah Derksen
Thu 1:3026 01:30107Chatfield Chosen BeanCari Ray & the Shaky Legs
Thu 1:5026 01:50107Chatfield Chosen BeanAmilia K. Spicer
Fri 11:3026 23:30107Chatfield Chosen BeanRev. Robert B. Jones, Sr
Fri 11:4526 23:45107Chatfield Chosen BeanDennis Warner
Fri 12:0027 00:00107Chatfield Chosen BeanHeather Styka
Fri 12:1527 00:15107Chatfield Chosen BeanDavid G Smith
Fri 12:3027 00:30107Chatfield Chosen BeanEscaping Pavement
Fri 12:5027 00:50107Chatfield Chosen BeanDon White
Fri 1:1027 01:10107Chatfield Chosen BeanDiamonds in the Rust
Fri 1:3027 01:30107Chatfield Chosen BeanMark Dvorak
Fri 1:5027 01:50107Chatfield Chosen BeanKerry Patrick Clark
Sat 11:3027 23:30107Chatfield Chosen BeanKendra Swanson
Sat 11:4527 23:45107Chatfield Chosen Beansummerland
Sat 12:0028 00:00107Chatfield Chosen BeanJohnny Coull
Sat 12:1528 00:15107Chatfield Chosen BeanDrive South
Sat 12:3028 00:30107Chatfield Chosen BeanDennis Warner
Sat 12:5028 00:50107Chatfield Chosen BeanSpook Handy
Sat 1:1028 01:10107Chatfield Chosen BeanDan Weber
Sat 1:3028 01:30107Chatfield Chosen BeanJonathan Ramsey
Sat 1:5028 01:50107Chatfield Chosen BeanJoe Rollin Porter
Thu 11:3025 23:30108Yellow Room GangKitty Donohoe
Thu 12:0026 00:00108Yellow Room GangMustard's Retreat
Thu 1:0026 01:00108Yellow Room GangYellow Room Gang
Thu 1:3026 01:30108Yellow Room GangRobert Jones & Matt Watroba
Thu 2:0026 02:00108Yellow Room GangYellow Room Gang
Fri 11:3026 23:30108Momentary Love ManagementTeghan Devon
Fri 11:5026 23:50108Momentary Love ManagementScott Easterday
Fri 12:1027 00:10108Momentary Love ManagementDoug Adams
Fri 12:3027 00:30108Momentary Love ManagementJim Gary
Fri 12:5027 00:50108Momentary Love ManagementMichelle Held
Fri 1:1027 01:10108Momentary Love ManagementDave Boutette, Kristi Lynn Davis
Fri 1:3027 01:30108Momentary Love ManagementEscaping Pavement
Fri 1:5027 01:50108Momentary Love ManagementAmilia K Spicer
Fri 2:1027 02:10108Momentary Love ManagementJohnny Coull
Sat 11:3027 23:30108Momentary Love ManagementChris Dupont
Sat 11:5527 23:55108Momentary Love ManagementCari Ray & the Shaky Legs
Sat 12:2028 00:20108Momentary Love ManagementJohn Louis
Sat 12:4528 00:45108Momentary Love ManagementAppleseed Collective
Sat 1:1028 01:10108Momentary Love ManagementMother Banjo
Sat 1:3028 01:30108Momentary Love ManagementSpook Handy
Sat 2:0028 02:00108Momentary Love ManagementAnnie and Rod Capps
Thu 11:3025 23:30109Bliss HippyRob Abernethy, Eric Lambert
Thu 12:0026 00:00109Bliss HippyDan Weber, Bliss Hippy
Thu 12:3026 00:30109Bliss HippyPaige Hargrove, John Stano
Thu 1:0026 01:00109Bliss HippyAfter Dark, Sue Fink
Thu 1:3026 01:30109Bliss HippyPatty and Craig, Matthew Michael & Christina Marie
Thu 2:0026 02:00109Bliss HippyLeah Shoshanah, Darcy Wilkin
Fri 11:3026 23:30109Bliss HippyRupert Wates, Megan Bee
Fri 12:0027 00:00109Bliss HippyCari Ray & the Shaky Legs, Bliss Hippy
Fri 12:3027 00:30109Bliss HippyDave Cofell, Dave Boutette and Kristi Lynn Davis
Fri 1:0027 01:00109Bliss HippyRuth & Max Bloomquist, Wayne Green
Fri 1:3027 01:30109Bliss HippyStar Belle, Shari Kane & Dave Steele
Fri 2:0027 02:00109Bliss HippyThunderwude, David G. Smith
Sat 11:3027 23:30109Bliss HippyJane Godfrey, Doug Harsch
Sat 12:0028 00:00109Bliss HippyJoe Shields, Bliss Hippy
Sat 12:3028 00:30109Bliss HippyBrian Ashley Jones, The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers
Sat 1:0028 01:00109Bliss HippyChristopher Mark Jones, Taylor Steele
Sat 1:3028 01:30109Bliss HippyAnna p.s., Katherine Rondeau
Sat 2:0028 02:00109Bliss HippyAppleseed Collective
Thu 11:3025 23:30112TraditionalsJohn Stano
Thu 12:0026 00:00112TraditionalsCraig Siemsen
Thu 12:3026 00:30112TraditionalsChuck Mitchell
Thu 1:0026 01:00112TraditionalsClepper and Sherman
Thu 1:3026 01:30112TraditionalsAndy Cohen
Thu 2:0026 02:00112TraditionalsLast Acre
Fri 11:3026 23:30112TraditionalsFebruary Sky
Fri 12:0027 00:00112TraditionalsRobert Jones
Fri 12:3027 00:30112TraditionalsCharlie Mosbrook
Fri 1:0027 01:00112TraditionalsAndrew D Huber
Fri 1:3027 01:30112TraditionalsMike Agranoff
Fri 2:0027 02:00112TraditionalsBett Padgett
Sat 11:3027 23:30112TraditionalsHall and Morgan
Sat 12:0028 00:00112TraditionalsMatt Watroba
Sat 12:3028 00:30112TraditionalsKane and Steele
Sat 1:0028 01:00112TraditionalsDonna Herula
Sat 1:3028 01:30112TraditionalsSimeon Peebler
Sat 2:0028 02:00112TraditionalsAshley and Simpson
Thu 11:3025 23:30115UncorkedCharlie Mosbrook
Thu 11:4525 23:45115UncorkedWayne Greene
Thu 12:0026 00:00115UncorkedSue Fink
Thu 12:1526 00:15115Uncorked$11 Supper
Thu 12:3026 00:30115UncorkedMark Dvorak
Thu 1:0026 01:00115UncorkedChris Vallillo
Thu 1:1526 01:15115UncorkedAntonio Andrade
Thu 1:3026 01:30115UncorkedKerry Patrick Clark
Thu 1:4526 01:45115UncorkedHeather Styka
Fri 11:3026 23:30115UncorkedDonna Herula
Fri 11:4526 23:45115UncorkedAfter Dark
Fri 12:0027 00:00115UncorkedMichael Johnathon
Fri 12:3027 00:30115UncorkedMark Dvorak
Fri 1:0027 01:00115Uncorked$11 Supper
Fri 1:2027 01:20115UncorkedSons of the Never Wrong
Fri 1:4027 01:40115UncorkedEric Lambert
Sat 11:3027 23:30115UncorkedRuth and Max Bloomquist
Sat 11:4527 23:45115UncorkedDennis Warner
Sat 12:0028 00:00115UncorkedKerry Grombacher
Sat 12:1528 00:15115Uncorked$11 Supper
Sat 12:3028 00:30115UncorkedMark Dvorak
Sat 1:0028 01:00115UncorkedPatty & Craig
Sat 1:1528 01:15115UncorkedAmy Dixon Kolar
Sat 1:3028 01:30115UncorkedAnnie & Rod Capps Band
Sat 1:4528 01:45115UncorkedLoretta's Last Call (Sing Along)
Thu 11:3025 23:30116The Warming HouseHope Dunbar, Brianna Lane
Thu 12:0026 00:00116The Warming HouseErin Eades, Hayley Reardon
Thu 12:3026 00:30116The Warming HouseJoel Curtis, Jan Bell
Thu 1:0026 01:00116The Warming HouseMother Banjo, Ted Yoder
Thu 1:3026 01:30116The Warming HouseAnnie & Rod Capps, Gaby Castro
Thu 2:0026 02:00116The Warming HouseRick Vines, Rod Abernethy
Sat 11:3027 23:30116The Warming HouseAmilia Spicer, Thunderwde
Sat 12:0028 00:00116The Warming HouseThe Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers, Brianna Lane
Sat 12:3028 00:30116The Warming HouseThe Early Mays, Krista Detor
Sat 1:0028 01:00116The Warming HouseTeghan Devon, Chuck Mitchell
Sat 1:3028 01:30116The Warming HouseNoah Derksen, John Louis
Sat 2:0028 02:00116The Warming HouseStar Belle, Andrea von Kampen
Thu 11:3025 23:30119FolkNetJoe Rollin Porter, Christopher Mark Jones
Thu 12:0026 00:00119FolkNetJohn Sherman & Randy Clepper, Taylor Steele
Thu 12:3026 00:30119FolkNetSimeon Peebler, Matt Watroba
Thu 1:0026 01:00119FolkNetAmy Dixon Kolar, Sue Jeffers
Thu 1:3026 01:30119FolkNetJoe Shields, Jane Godfrey
Thu 2:0026 02:00119FolkNetJon Shain, Susan Harrison
Fri 11:3026 23:30119FolkNetKerry Keen, Dave Cofell
Fri 12:0027 00:00119FolkNetCurt Joa, John Louis
Fri 12:3027 00:30119FolkNetKelly Hoppenjans, Annie Bacon
Fri 1:0027 01:00119FolkNetDavid G Smith, Howard & Skye
Fri 1:3027 01:30119FolkNetAndrea Von Kampen, Anna P.S.
Fri 2:0027 02:00119FolkNetDoug Harsh, Andy Cohen
Sat 11:3027 23:30119FolkNetCharlie Mosbrook, Michelle Held
Sat 12:0028 00:00119FolkNetBryce Ernest Taylor, Nicholas James Thomasma
Sat 12:3028 00:30119FolkNetDiane Perry, Noah Derksen
Sat 1:0028 01:00119FolkNetBill & Eli Perras, Ruth and Max Bloomquist
Sat 1:3028 01:30119FolkNetJim Bizer and Jan Krist
Sat 2:0028 02:00119FolkNetAye Cay, The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers
Thu 11:3025 23:30120First TimersBill & Eli Perras, Jon Shain, Billy Kemp
Thu 12:1526 00:15120First TimersLeah Shoshanah, Kerry Grombacher, summerland
Thu 1:0026 01:00120First TimersChris Dupont, Teghan Devon, Ryan Herrick
Thu 1:4526 01:45120First TimersDoug Harsch, Katherine Rondeau, Julie Hume
Fri 11:3026 23:30120First TimersBryce Ernest Taylor, Aye Cay, The Uh Ohs
Fri 12:1527 00:15120First TimersLandon Robinson, Paige Hargrove, Bett Padgett
Fri 1:0027 01:00120First TimersThunderwude
Fri 1:1527 01:15120First TimersMustard's Retreat
Fri 1:3027 01:30120First Timers$11 Supper
Fri 1:4527 01:45120First TimersJoe Rollin Porter, Darcy Wilkin, Andy Baker
Sat 11:3027 23:30120First TimersAshley & Simpson, Erin Eades, Gaby Castro
Sat 12:1528 00:15120First TimersKelly Hoppenjans, Sue Jeffers, Will Scott
Sat 1:0028 01:00120First TimersMike Agranoff, Goslee Reed & Kean, Judy Banker
Sat 1:4528 01:45120First TimersMegan Bee, Howard & Skye, Donna Adler
Thu 11:3025 23:30123LilfestMother Banjo
Thu 11:5025 23:50123LilfestJohn L. Keck
Thu 12:1026 00:10123LilfestAshley & Simpson
Thu 12:3026 00:30123LilfestDiamonds in the Rust
Thu 1:0026 01:00123LilfestBrian Ashley Jones
Thu 1:2026 01:20123LilfestMike Agranoff
Thu 1:4026 01:40123LilfestDiane Perry
Thu 2:0026 02:00123LilfestEd Dupas
Thu 2:1526 02:15123LilfestLandon Robinson
Fri 11:3026 23:30123LilfestKitty Donohoe
Fri 11:5026 23:50123LilfestDonna Adler
Fri 12:1027 00:10123LilfestKrista Detor with James Conor
Fri 12:3027 00:30123LilfestSons of the Never Wrong
Fri 1:0027 01:00123LilfestKatherine Rondeau
Fri 1:2027 01:20123LilfestSuzie Vinnick
Fri 1:4027 01:40123LilfestJon Shain
Fri 2:0027 02:00123LilfestAllison Downey
Sat 11:3027 23:30123LilfestKerry Patrick Clark
Sat 11:5027 23:50123LilfestChuck Mitchell
Sat 12:1028 00:10123LilfestKrista Detor with James Conor
Sat 12:3028 00:30123LilfestTim Grimm
Sat 1:0028 01:00123LilfestCari Ray and the Shaky Legs
Sat 1:2028 01:20123LilfestRupert Wates
Sat 1:4028 01:40123LilfestChris Dupont
Sat 2:0028 02:00123LilfestHayley Reardon
Thu 11:3025 23:30124Access Film MusicKatherine Rondeau, Mike Agranoff, Andrew Dunn
Thu 12:0026 00:00124Access Film MusicKelly Hoppenjans, Teghan Devon, Josh Rose
Thu 12:3026 00:30124Access Film MusicGaby Castro, Matthew Michael & Christina Marie, Goslee Reed & Kean
Thu 1:0026 01:00124Access Film MusicSonofmel, Kevin Elliott, Nicholas James Thomasma
Thu 1:3026 01:30124Access Film MusicKatie Dahl, Hope Dunbar, Emily White
Thu 2:0026 02:00124Access Film MusicJo Serrapere, Mark Lavengood, John Keck
Fri 11:3026 23:30124Access Film MusicHayley Reardon, Kerry Grombacher, Andrew Dunn
Fri 12:0027 00:00124Access Film MusicJoe Shields, Michelle Held, Jen Sygit
Fri 12:3027 00:30124Access Film MusicKerry Grombacher, Patty & Craig, Christopher Mark Jones
Fri 1:0027 01:00124Access Film MusicThe Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers, Dan Hazlett, Brett Mitchell
Fri 1:3027 01:30124Access Film MusicSue Jeffers, Judy Banker, Taylor Steele
Fri 2:0027 02:00124Access Film MusicMegan Bee, Curt Joa, John Sherman & Randy Clepper
Sat 11:3027 23:30124Access Film MusicRupert Wates, Susan Cattaneo, Antonio Andrade
Sat 12:0028 00:00124Access Film MusicBett Padgett, Bill & Eli Perras, tbd
Sat 12:3028 00:30124Access Film MusicAnna p.s., Wayne Greene, John Stano
Sat 1:0028 01:00124Access Film MusicJoe Rollin Porter, Dick Siegel, Andrew D. Huber
Sat 1:3028 01:30124Access Film MusicJoel Mabus, Kevin Elliott, Darcy Wilkin
Sat 2:0028 02:00124Access Film MusicAndy Baker, summerland, Allison Downey
Thu 11:3025 23:30127Earthwork Collective MusicNicholas James Thomasma
Thu 12:0026 00:00127Earthwork Collective MusicTed Yoder
Thu 12:3026 00:30127Earthwork Collective MusicJen Sygit
Thu 1:0026 01:00127Earthwork Collective MusicThe Appleseed Collective
Thu 1:3026 01:30127Earthwork Collective MusicMark Lavengood Band
Thu 2:0026 02:00127Earthwork Collective MusicLOCKWOOD
Fri 11:3026 23:30127Earthwork Collective MusicChris DuPont, Darcy Wilkin, Hayley Reardon
Fri 12:0027 00:00127Earthwork Collective MusicShari Kane & Dave Steele
Fri 12:3027 00:30127Earthwork Collective MusicAnnie & Rod Capps Band
Fri 1:0027 01:00127Earthwork Collective MusicDick Siegel with bassist Dave Roof
Fri 1:3027 01:30127Earthwork Collective MusicAnnie Bacon
Fri 2:0027 02:00127Earthwork Collective MusicStella
Sat 11:3027 23:30127Earthwork Collective MusicJo Serrapere
Sat 12:0028 00:00127Earthwork Collective MusicDave Boutette & Kristi Lynn Davis
Sat 12:3028 00:30127Earthwork Collective MusicThunderwude
Sat 1:0028 01:00127Earthwork Collective MusicEscaping Pavement
Sat 1:3028 01:30127Earthwork Collective MusicJohn Stano, Josh Rose, Aspen Jacobsen
Sat 2:0028 02:00127Earthwork Collective MusicAndy Cohen
Thu 11:3025 23:30128Hey Man! RecordsDan Hazlet
Thu 12:0026 00:00128Hey Man! RecordsRev. Robert B. Jones, Sr
Thu 12:3026 00:30128Hey Man! RecordsAfter Dark!
Thu 1:0026 01:00128Hey Man! RecordsRyan Herrick
Thu 1:3026 01:30128Hey Man! RecordsMarshall Hjerstedt
Thu 2:0026 02:00128Hey Man! RecordsLeah Shoshanna
Fri 11:3026 23:30128Hey Man! RecordsCharlie Mosbrook, Simeon Peebler
Fri 12:0027 00:00128Hey Man! RecordsAnne Heaton
Fri 12:3027 00:30128Hey Man! RecordsEmily White
Fri 1:0027 01:00128Hey Man! RecordsHope Dunbar
Fri 1:3027 01:30128Hey Man! RecordsPaige Hargrove
Fri 2:0027 02:00128Hey Man! RecordsSpook Handy, Jim Gary
Sat 11:3027 23:30128Hey Man! RecordsSuzie Vinnick, Donna Herula
Sat 12:0028 00:00128Hey Man! RecordsSons Of The Never Wrong
Sat 12:3028 00:30128Hey Man! RecordsRobinlee Garber
Sat 1:0028 01:00128Hey Man! RecordsRick Vines
Sat 1:3028 01:30128Hey Man! RecordsHeather Styka
Sat 2:0028 02:00128Hey Man! RecordsTBD
Thu 11:3025 23:30129Gypsy Wagon StudiosDavid Hakan
Thu 12:0026 00:00129Gypsy Wagon StudiosThe Springtails
Thu 12:3026 00:30129Gypsy Wagon StudiosJudy Banker
Thu 1:0026 01:00129Gypsy Wagon StudiosDonna Adler
Thu 1:3026 01:30129Gypsy Wagon StudiosSpook Handy
Thu 2:0026 02:00129Gypsy Wagon StudiosTBD
Fri 11:3026 23:30129Gypsy Wagon StudiosDan Hazlett
Fri 12:0027 00:00129Gypsy Wagon StudiosJohn Keck
Fri 12:3027 00:30129Gypsy Wagon StudiosDiane Perry
Fri 1:0027 01:00129Gypsy Wagon StudiosStar Belle trio
Fri 1:3027 01:30129Gypsy Wagon StudiosAntonio Andrade
Fri 2:0027 02:00129Gypsy Wagon StudiosDavid Hakan
Sat 11:3027 23:30129Gypsy Wagon StudiosTerri Laddusaw
Sat 12:0028 00:00129Gypsy Wagon StudiosCurt Joa
Sat 12:3028 00:30129Gypsy Wagon StudiosDon White
Sat 1:0028 01:00129Gypsy Wagon StudiosBilly Kemp
Sat 1:3028 01:30129Gypsy Wagon StudiosKerry Grombacher
Sat 2:0028 02:00129Gypsy Wagon StudiosDavid Hakan

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