“…you guys have created something wonderful … down in Kansas City I walked into a big room full of genuinely friendly, supportive, and PHENOMENALLY talented people, all interested in creating a vibrant community and extending a helping hand to their fellow musicians.”

 – Rev. Judi Hendricks,
FARMette 2017 attendee

We had so much fun and we were just truly blown away by the supportive and friendly FARM community.”

– The Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers, 2016 Official Showcase Artist

“We are America’s Heartland, and our conference exudes a certain relaxed, charming, and simple approach to Folk and roots music …This community comes together once a year and it is a treasured time. Come back ! OR, join us as a first-timer. Either way, I think you’ll be recharged in ways that will surprise you.”

–  Tim Grimm, Songwriter, Performer, Actor
2014 Key Note Speaker

“FARM made me see and feel that I’m part of a songwriting community. This was such an exciting and a happy realization. I came away with renewed energy and resolve for my own work, and who doesn’t need that?”

– Michael P. Smith, Songwriter, Actor, 2011 Key Note Speaker

FARM’s Performance Lane offers a limited number of pre-scheduled 10 minute performances that take place in 3 rooms simultaneously.

This showcase is filled in order of registration. No jury selection. Just timing. Due to the significant increase in early registrations this year, Performance Lane filled up mighty fast.

Performance Lane takes place on Friday and Saturday afternoon from 4pm to 5:30pm(subject to change)

It’s a lot of fun for attendees to roam between rooms trying to catch a little bit of every performer.

2019 Performance Lane Schedule

Friday Afternoon – Salon B

4:00   Lynn Biddick
4:10   Sarah Morris
4:20   Karen Singer
4:30   Katherine Rondeau
4:40   The Dangling Participles          
4:50   Rigby Summer
5:00   Stephen Madewell
5:10   The Singing Marine (Chris Lozano)
5:20   Aye Cay (pron: eye kay)

Friday afternoon – Salon E

4:00   Dan and Faith
4:10   John Stano
4:20   Brianna Lane        
4:30   Chris Vallillo
4:40   Charlie Mosbrook
4:50   Chris Edrington
5:00   Jonathan Watt
5:10   Simeon Peebler
5:20   Mark Dvorak

Friday afternoon – Salon G

4:00   Joe Peters & Linda Hicks
4:10   Liz Brooks
4:20   Ruth & Max Bloomquist
4:30   Mike Ward: Psychosongs
4:40   Jenny Ferrell
4:50   M French
5:00   Antonio Andrade
5:10   Wayne Greene
5:20   Spook Handy


Saturday Afternoon – Salon B

4:00   Bryce Ernest Taylor
4:10   Lauren Crane
4:20   Josh Rose
4:30   Alicia Mathewson
4:40   Dave Cofell
4:50   Eric Nassau
5:00   Amy Dixon-Kolar
5:10   Kenny Lee hall
5:20   Jane Godfrey

Saturday afternoon  – Salon E

4:00   Tracy Kash
4:10   Michael Kelsey
4:20   Gaby Castro
4:30   Andrew D. Huber
4:40   Sue Jeffers
4:50   Sue Fink
5:00   Nicholas J. Thomasma
5:10   Hall & Morgan
5:20   Ron Muka

Saturday afternoon – Salon G

4:00   Ariane Lydon
4:10   Patty & Craig
4:20   Sean Miller
4:30   Spitzer Space Telescope
4:40   Benbow-Linder
4:50   Flood County
5:00   Curt Joa
5:10   Ashley & Simpson
5:20   Donna Herula & Tony Nardello


How to sign up for Performance Lane

It’s easy. Just register for the conference and select the box on the form indicating you would like a Performance Lane slot. Requests for these slots are filled in the order received up to the maximum number of participants we can accommodate, so REGISTER AS EARLY AS YOU CAN if you want a Performance Lane spot.

If you’re a band, read this!

Please elect ONE member of your band to sign up for Performance Lane on behalf of the band. Due to the limited number of slots, we ask that you choose between performing with your band or solo. We do recognize that there is a difference between backing up an artist and being a member of a duo or band. If you are at FARM in both capacities, we will allow you to appear in multiple PL slots as a back up artist as well as your own featured slot. For example, if Joe Singer wants you to back him up on mandolin, that would not count as your one PL slot. However, if you are a member of Folk Band Extraordinaire as well as a solo performer, you will need to choose one or the other. Thanks for your cooperation.

The History of Performance Lane

Performance Lane began in the early days of FARM when there were only 30 -50 attendees and no other performance opportunities as a way for every performer at the gathering to be heard. One song each and when we increased in numbers it was LONG and nobody wanted to sit through the whole thing. We kept it the same until our move to a hotel conference setting in 2010 and we crested 100 attendees. At that time we were also doing offficial showcases and one open mic. So Performance Lane was split in two and each performer played 2 songs. We felt that was a way to allow folks to still catch one song from each performer by going back and forth between rooms. People liked it and found it a fun experience. When we got even bigger, we added a third room and several folks complained that now that can’t catch every act and had to choose but at this point we had already added the Private Showcases so Performance Lane was no longer the only other opportunity to play or be heard outside official showcases.

To the best of our knowledge, FARM is the only FAI conference that offers this type of performance opportunity for as many as 54 attendees.  Again, it’s a bonus opportunity, but certainly not the only opportunity to perform. To date it has proven to be been an incentive to register early and until last year, this was working out just fine.


The Future of Performance Lane

The ‘first come, first to get’ nature of PL became painfully limiting last year when our attendance increased dramatically, and early. Long time attendees who weren’t in a big rush to register found that by late April (still very early) there were no slots left. This year, many of those folks made sure to register super early.

Performance Lane is special and it has not escaped notice that it’s primarily filled by veterans of FARM who know to get a jump on their registration in order to secure a spot.

Therefore, we are being forced to acknowledge the “rush” nature of this and potential for a lot of folks to miss out on this opportunity while a lot of the same folks perform year after year.

For that reason, we are in discussions of shaking things up a bit by rethinking the way we fill Performance Lane.

Stay tuned …

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