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 As the Holiday Season rolls along, we find ourselves reflecting on all of you that have made this an unforgettable year. We sincerely hope you have had as much fun and enjoyment being part of this wonderful folk community as we at FARM have. Special thanks to those of you that attended and worked to make FARM 2016 in Iowa City a great gathering.

A smart person said a long time ago “spend your money onexperiences, not things – you’ll remember experiences long after the things are gone”. You know what? They were so right! Whatever you do, plan to have some great experiences with your family, friends, and your extended folk family in the year ahead.

From all of us at FARM, we wish you have a very happy holiday season and a 2017 filled with good health, love and music.

Click the link above to read about 2016 FARM Showcase Videos, our partnership with Indie on the Move, FARMette 2017, and MORE!


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