The FARM Board of Directors introduced proposed by-law changes during the annual membership meeting which was held during the 2016 FARM Conference. The FARM membership must approve all by-law changes and on November 30th a referendum was emailed to them for their consideration. The membership responded with their affirmation and approved all requested changes.

A summary of the approved changes include:
  • Addition of Canadian provinces to the FARM geography
  • Increase the number of board members from 7 to a maximum of 9
  • Increase the length of term from 2 years to 3
  • Add a 2 term limit for serving on the board
  • Add a vice president position to the board
  • Add an executive committee to manage day to day operations
  • Other changes for consistency with the other regions
A copy of the FARM by-laws is available here. 
The FARM Board of Directors would like to thank the membership for their support and participation in the referendum.

Bob Hofbauer
FARM President 

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