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We will continue to build out this area as we discover little tips and tricks or things that we think you might be missing. Drop us a line at with any nagging questions!

Get the Most out of your FARM Experience

Back in August we held this webinar presented by Bruce Swan of Baker Booking. Swan feels that getting the most from a conference begins long before the conference starts. Whether you have attended conferences regularly over the years, have not been in a while, or this is your first conference, you will find something that will assist you to get the most from your experience. The time to learn about the conference is not at the “First Timers Meet Up” at the start of the conference.

Q &A Sessions and Quick Tutorials

Below you will find the Live Q&A we did last year. 

WARNING: Annie’s mic volume was loud so you might want to turn your speaker way down to listen

Below are the live and pre-recorded sessions we created for last year’s virtual conference. MUCH of the information is still relevant to the in-person gathering so you can get a big head start by watching these. Just ignore the 2021 info. 

Creating your account and Updating your Profile

Understanding Categories

Community Area

Navigating the Agenda

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