Showcasing Opportunities at FARM

“I just wanted to personally say thanks to you both for hosting such a wonderful showcase room. The sounds, the lights, the act selections, and just keeping things on time, introductions, etc, all done in very relaxed no pressure vibe. Well done.” 

– Johnsmith, 2016 Official Showcase Artist

“The showcases at FARM last year were a high-quality mix of regional favorites and outright surprises. I now feel that FARM is a place where venues can come to hear and see just what this region has to offer.” 

–  Matt Watroba, Folk Dj, WKSU, E. Lansing, MI

From Official Showcases right on down to jamming in the hallways, artists have great opportunities to be heard at FARM. In recent years, we’ve achieved an amazingly low 5 to 1 ratio of artists to presenters/venues.  It’s rare that you can find a music conference of any sort that offers this kind of exposure to talent buyers.

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