Open Mic, Jamming & Song Circles

We offer several open mic opportunities at the conference. Sign-up will be at the Information Desk. You only need to sign up once. We’ll draw from the same bowl each time. Make sure you arrive 5 minutes before the start.

All names will be drawn at the beginning of the open mic. If you’re not in attendance, another name will be drawn. Official & DJ showcase artists are excluded from performing in the open mics.

Each act is limited to 1 song or 5 minutes of performance time whichever comes first.

EXCLUSIONS: We will give priority to those without more than 1 other showcase throughout the weekend. DJ and Official Showcase artists are not eligible to perform in any open mic. Those with Performance Lane slots or at least 2 Private Showcases will be drawn from a separate ‘bowl’ once those who have fewer showcases were given the opportunity.

JAMMING and SONG CIRCLES are encouraged throughout the conference. as long as the volume doesn’t interfere with conference or other hotel activities. The common areas in the lobby (until 10pm) and conference levels, conference rooms when not in use, are all available for impromptu jams and song swaps.

After the Formal Showcases & Private Showcases, jamming and song circles among the attendees are highly encouraged. You’ll find multiple locations for a variety of opportunities including song swaps, traditional jams and sing-along song jams.

We ask that you keep to the conference room floor and lobby of the hotel so as not to disturb the sleeping rooms.

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