Going Green at FARM

Conference events like ours produce a ton of waste. No question about it and this is an area about which your conference organizers are passionate. It is our deepest desire to step up our efforts in reducing this waste with some very simple, mindful changes. We will need your help.


“Wait. What did you say? But, I don’t trust water from the tap?”  What you do, is up to you, but we have asked the hotel to leave bottled water out of any meal service and hotel rooms. We are asking our Private Showcase hosts to purchase large water dispensers and paper cups if they want to provide store-bought water. How about compostable paper-ware? Lots of ways you can help. We will not police this, but we are asking you to help by doing your part to bring a water bottle and fill it up in your room or at the drinking fountains. The water from the tap is fine!


We were disappointed to discover that the hotel does not provide recycle bins in the rooms or anywhere, so we will provide multiple bins for plastic, glass & paper in the main conference area. Would greatly appreciate it if you could collect your own recyclables and bring them down to the bins rather than just throw them in the trash. Incidentally we’ll be looking for volunteers to help us deliver these to the local recycle centers.


How many of you have printed off 200 flyers only to take 150 of them back home to recycle? Or maybe you tossed them out on the display tables, hallway tables, lobby tables, thinking someone else would take them home? We are begging you to consider reducing your paper production this year. May we suggest the cacophony of little flyers lying about don’t really do much for you. Handing a flyer to a person, in person, is really the best way. You’ll make genuine contact with a potential showcase audience person. For those who have purchased tote bag inserts, we are requesting that you avoid paper. Usable items are much better for this purpose.


Do doubt you’ve heard about this latest global effort. We fully recognize there are those who actually need straws due to a disability. The hotel will provide a straw upon request. If you don’t need it, don’t take one. We’ll have a special collection area for used straws so they don’t end up in the landfill.

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