It’s hot here in the Midwest!

And we’re not just talking about the temperature (which seems to have broken a bit here in Michigan)! The excitement is brewing over our little conference. That said, there are still far too many people who don’t know about FARM. The words we really don’t like to hear are “I had no idea this was happening!” We’re doing our best to get the word out but we always need help.

So what can you do?? Start by a simple task most of us do on a regular basis. Share the FACEBOOK event! We’ve also added simple share buttons to the website (look along the left border) and all you have to do is click to send any page on the site to your Facebook, Twitter or other social account. You can even EMAIL a link to the page to someone with a simple click. We know you know someone who needs to be enlightened =)

We’ve got lots of cool stuff to announce in the coming days, so watch your inbox!! In the meantime, read on cause this newsletter has some important info you need to know right away!


Hotel Rooms are going fast!

Our friends at the Crowne Plaza informed us we ran out of rooms for our block. Oh NO! But they were also kind enough to add more. There are roughly 16 rooms left at this writing. This means there’s a short window of time to get your room reservation in at the group rate. As long as they’re able, they will continue to honor our group rate, but even if the group rate expires there may still be rooms available at their regular rate. At some point we may start looking into overflow hotel options. There are a number of hotels nearby – the Baymont is the closest right across the parking lot. We’ll keep you posted.

Book your room now!


Update to our Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

On January 1, 1969, the Ark hired David and Linda, now with baby Anya in tow, to manage the place for $4,000 a year and a place to stay. They took the job as a temporary situation to get David through graduate school. This “temporary” situation ended with David’s retirement from the Ark in 2008.

FARM is proud to celebrate David and Linda Siglin with an award that illuminates a lifetime of work that has enriched and enhanced generations of folk music fans and performers in Michigan, in the Midwest, and beyond.

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Still Looking for a Showcase?

Have you joined the Listserve??

There are many reasons to join and engage with the FARM Listserve. Finding a roommate or a ride, sharing helpful info or offering assistance to the community, introducing yourself as a first-timer. It’s not a place to promote your gigs but if you have a gig to offer go for it.

Of course, the most popular reason at the moment is to troll for Private Showcases. Although most are filling up, several hosts are still accepting inquiries so it’s not too late to snag a slot or two.

Plus – we’ll be opening up a whole night of showcases for those who have 1 or less currently booked. We’ll ONLY be accepting submissions via the listserve for those slots.

Visit the Contact Us page to find out how to join.

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