We are pleased to announce that Kitty Donohoe will be hosting a songwriting workshop at FARMette. 

Captukitty-citternring That Song and Finishing It.’  Ideas for songs can flit in and out of your head like fireflies and disappear just as quickly.  How do you grab those bits of melody and lyric and shape them into a performance-ready work?  How do you go from the basic idea to something with substance?’
FARMette has previously announced two additional workshops: Joann Murdock, “Taking it to the next level” and Andy Cohen, “Why it would benefit everybody to study as many traditional players and as much traditional music as they possibly can.”
FARMette is a one day conference hosted by Folk Alliance Region Midwes (FARM) and is being held on Saturday, May 2nd at Camp Palmer in Northwest Ohio. There will be 10 juried showcases, 18 additional showcases, 3 workshops, a venue discussion and late night campfire and jam.

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