In the community of FARM we have a number of talented singer-songwriters, and musicians, who are also wonderful visual artists.

A number of them shared their work with us at last years’ successful “NOW, SEE, HEAR” exhibit, in Grand Rapids, during the 2019 FARM conference.

We would hate to lose momentum for “Now, See Hear”, and so we’ve decided to create a virtual version of the art exhibit, which we will be folding into FARM’s online workshops, and online conference events.

We are asking the artists among us to create a work that in some way memorializes a song written by one of the great Folk or Blues artists we’ve lost over the years.

We have picked out eight artists whose songs are sure to inspire you, but if there is another artist you would prefer to gather inspiration from, we’d love you to share their work with us, through your art.

The eight artists we’ve chosen are: Michael Peter Smith, Elizabeth Cotton, Pete Seeger, Kate Wolfe, Josh White Sr., Jean Ritchie, Richie Havens, and Dave Carter.

Your work can be any medium, and any size. We will need a high resolution jpeg of your piece, along with the name of the artist and song you’ve used as inspiration, by October 20, 2020.

We will be accepting all properly constructed and formatted submissions.

Please send your jpgs to Jan Krist, along with a link to the song you used and the name of the artist.

Include the medium you’ve used, and the size of the work.


Can’t wait Now to See and Hear what you’ve come up with!

Jan Krist,
Now, See, Hear coordinator for FARM

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