The 2013 FARM Conference on October 24 – 27, 2013 in St. Louis, MO is only 4 months away. Plans are underway for what promises to be the best FARM conference ever.

We are excited to have Melanie Safka (yes, that is THE Melanie) as our keynote speaker. In addition, Melanie has agreed to lead a master class on Thursday afternoon.

Also on Thursday afternoon, Andrew Calhoun will host a traditional Call & Response. This group participation event will be fun; come and participate; come and learn about this traditional form of music.

Thursday is not just the first day of the conference so don’t expect a light schedule. We’ve planned for a full day. Plan your early arrival for Melanie’s workshop and Andrew’s Call & Response. Then be ready for the FARM awards, the DJ Showcase, open Mic, Private Showcases and jamming til dawn. Hmmm. You’d better arrive rested. You won’t want to waste time sleeping!

Would you like to perform at FARM? FARM attendees include fellow musicians, venues, agents and managers so a great opportunity exists for feedback and networking. Our Performance Lane is a 10 minute performance opportunity. Selection is done by order of registration……so register early to get a spot. We’ll have an open mic on Thursday following the DJ Showcase. This year’s theme is “Social Activism with a tip of the hat to Bob Dylan”. Our Private Showcases offer hundreds of performance opportunities. Room hosts and schedules will be announced closer to the conference. And at the end of the day, or perhaps we should say the beginning of the new day, join in the jams, song circles and community singing.

And a word about the Private Showcases. Would you like to host a room? Opportunities are available. Check our website for information.

We’re also planning workshops, the ever popular mentor sessions and venue discussions. But more on those later.

Exhibit hall? We’ve got that too – at no charge.

FARM 2013 is your opportunity to create relationships in the Midwest. Or you could just come for the fun, friends and music.

For more information and to register:

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