Every year at our annual conference we elect (or re-elect) members of our community to serve on the FARM Board of Directors. The number of open slots, depends on the term limits of existing Board Members. This year, we have 3 openings on the board. Our fearless leader, Smitty Smith (FARM Board President) will be leaving the board at the end of this year as he is term-limited. Brianna Lane (FARM Board Secretary) and Charlie Mosbrook (FARM Vice President) are both up for re-election. So far we have 4 candidates on the slate for 3 open slots. We are also accepting self-nominations through the end of August. It will be up to our membership to vote for the candidates they’d like to see join (or remain on) the FARM Board. 

You may read all about our current slate and find info about how to self-nominate here.  

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