Open Mic Opportunities

FARM is happy to announce that we will be holding several Open Mics throughout the weekend. Locations and times to be determined, so watch for details.

As for Open Mic Hosts … We have accepted more Open Mic Host applications than we need in one day and will be back in touch to confirm as we better understand the scheduling.

At this time we are planning for the sign up to occur at the registration desk with priority given to those who have 2 or less showcases (and no DJ or Official Showcase). 

If you fit this description, you’ll fill out a slip with your name and drop it in a bowl. Performers will be drawn randomly during the Open Mic times so you’ll need to be there for the full time. 

Open Mic Schedule:

Thursday: 4:30pm – 5:30pm at the Welcome Reception (the Atrium)
Hosted by Nicholas J. Thomasma

Thursday: 10pm – 11pm in the Hotel Bar
Hosted by Dave Boutette & Kristi Davis

Friday: Noon – 1p in the Hotel Bar
Hosted by Boyd Blomberg

Saturday: 5:30p – 6:30p in the Hotel Bar
Hosted by Katherine Rondeau



Open Mic Host Application

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