Spotlight Showcase

We’ve invited a few Midwest venues & Festivals to help us curate one hour each night following the Official Showcase. Similar to the DJ showcase, each venue or festival will present one artist they want to introduce to the FARM Community. 

And the Line-up Is!

Venue Spotlight – FRIDAY 9pm

  1. Chris Buhalis presented by The Ark – Ann Arbor, MI
  2. Katherine Nagy Trio presented by Indy Folk Series, Indianapolis, IN
  3. Matthew Davies presented by Acoustic Renaissance – Chicago, IL
  4. Jenner Fox presented by Music My Mother Would Not Like Concert Series 

Festival Spotlight – SATURDAY 9pm

  1. Al Bettis presented by Blissfest Music Org – Petoskey, MI
  2. Marshall Verbsky presented by Central Ohio Folk Festival – Columbus, OH
  3. Wattle and Daub presented by Woodstock Folk Festival – Chicago, IL
  4. Troy Graham presented by Hiawatha Music Festival, Marquette, MI

Congratulations to our Spotlight Showcase artists!

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