The results of the FARM Board of Director’s election were announced at the annual membership meeting on Sunday, October 30th. FARM’s annual membership meeting was held during the FARM conference in Iowa City.

For the first time in our memory FARM had a contested election. This year the terms for RJ Cowdery and Randy Styka expired and were open for election. Randy Styka indicated that he would run for re-election and the board, acting as the nominating committee, nominated Randy. RJ Cowdery chose to not run for re-election. FARM members nominated 3 individuals; Don Simons, Cindy Morgan and Charlie Mosbrook. So there were 4 individuals running for 2 open board positions.

Folk Alliance International managed the election process utilizing the online application Election Buddy.

96 to of 419 ballots were returned (22.9%). Those ballots represented 166 out of 701 votes (21.0%). The results were as follows:

• Randy Styka, 101 (32.9%)
• Don Simons, 85 (27.7%)
• Cindy Morgan, 69 (22.5)
• Charlie Mosbrook, 52 (16.9%)


Our congratulations to Randy and Don. We are glad to have Randy continue on the board and Don brings a skill set and experience which will be helpful to FARM.

We thank Cindy and Charlie for participating in FARM’s election process. And we encourage both to run again next year.

If you have an interest in becoming a part of FARM’s leadership feel free to contact any of FARM’s board members and be looking for FARM’s election announcements next year.

The FARM directors are: Bob Hofbauer, President; Smitty Smith, Vice President & conference co-director; Nancy Emrich, Secretary & conference co-director; Lola Tyler, treasurer; Randy Styka; Kerry Patrick Clark and Don Simon.

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