Are you scheduled to perform in the Official Showcase, Presenter & DJ Showcase or Performance Lane?  Check the schedule online and make sure you know the day and time of your performance.  Conference Schedule

Are you hosting a workshop?  Check the schedule for the day, time and room.  And while you’re at it, check the schedule for workshops you’d like to attend.

If you are performing in the Official Showcase or in the Presenter & DJ Showcase your performance will be in the Alpine room and sound reinforcement will be provided by Maurice Smeets of Studio A Recording and Sound.  On the day of your performance, check with Maurice to schedule your sound check.

If you are performing in the Performance Lane read the following from Stephen Lee Rich, Performance Lane coordinator.

Dear FARM folk,

FARM is almost upon us. Those of you who have a slot in Performance Lane are probably already chomping at the bit to get out there. There are a total of sixty ten minute timeslots for the event. To keep this moving and on time will require everyone’s cooperation. This will not only make it easier for the other entertainers but for the promoters and bookers as well. They want to see as many acts as they can and have a very finite amount of time in which to achieve that. So, in an attempt to maximize the benefit of this event for all concerned I offer the following guidelines.

  1. Performances are in two rooms.  Make sure you know which room and what time you perform.
  2. You have ten minutes. That includes any time that you may need to set up. It is in your interest, and that of everyone else for you to be all tuned up and ready to play when your name is called.
  3. Into that ten minutes you can usually fit two songs with introductions. If you get to the end of your second song with two minutes left over, please, do not ask if you have time for another one. Unless you have a song that is only a minute-and-a-half long with an intro that is less than thirty seconds, you don’t. That “extra” time can give bookers and promoters who need to get to the other room to see another act a comfortable margin in which to do so.
  4. Performance Lane is un-plugged.  Make sure you can project your voice over your instrument.

You’ll notice that the list is short. It doesn’t take much to keep this moving smoothly. Thank you, Stephen Lee Rich.

Would you like to do us a favor?  

Have we got an offer for you!!  As in the past, not every room on the 2nd floor of the Chalet, where the Private Showcase rooms are located, will host a showcase.  We need to fill the other rooms on the floor.  Just imagine – your sleeping room would be surrounded by fun and lively musicians from midnight to 2am each night!  The joy you would experience!!  But seriously, the noise WILL stop at 2am.

If you would like to have your sleeping room located on this floor so you can be close to the action, send an email to Smitty at  First come, first served!  We’ll do all the work of getting your reservation assigned to this floor.  Thanks, Smitty

Private Showcases run from midnight to 2:00 am.  There are 11 rooms and 216 performances.  That’s a lot of information to keep track of.  So check out our NEW online schedule.  Private Showcase Schedule  Also available in a downloadable format.

Jamming is permitted and encouraged.  The hotel common areas are available – just find a spot and start playing.  Following the Private Showcases at 2 am we invite you to the conference function rooms.  You may jam as long as you wish.

We’ve put a lot into 3 days so come prepared (and rested).  And if you are able, plan to arrive by 2 pm on Thursday when Tim Grimm’s master craft workshop begins.  Followed by Hall & Morgan’s Carter family workshop.  Don’t miss out.

See you at FARM.

Bob Hofbauer
President, FARM Board of Directors
FARM Conference Director

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