FARM is excited to curate a special concert at a brand new concert venue called Listening Room in Grand Rapids. They don’t officially open till November but they’ve graciously offered the night to FARM for a soft opening. This concert will feature: Escaping Pavement, Tret Fure, Ruth & Max Bloomquist, Cari Ray & the Shakey Legs, Noah Derkson, Hayes Griffin and Michael Kelsey. With your EMcees, J. Oscar Bittenger & Josh Rose.

Join the event on Facebook here:

The concert is FREE, no advance ticket required, just show up! There will be a donation/pass the hat for Artists when you arrive! Suggested $10 donation but pay what you can.

There will be a FARM attendee open mic Hosted by Nicholas J, starting at 6:30p – advance sign up at 6:00.

Concert starts at 8:00pm

NOTE: All this info is on the Listening Room event page but this is different than most shows on our site that require a ticket, and they are having issues that will be fixed soon. So if you see the words “SOLD OUT” just ignore them.

Just show up!

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