2021 Virtual Gathering Available On-Demand

Once you are registered you will have access to the content on-demand through January 31, 2022

*For those who did NOT register prior to the conference. If you registered and paid for the conference just click the Conference Log in button for complete On-Demand Access. IMPORTANT! This is a very short window of opportunity. You must register by Friday, November 20 - Midnight.

If you’re already registered you can log in or create your account on the conference platform by clicking here.

This is an excellent overview of how to use the app from your initial setup to networking and viewing sessions. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. https://whova.com/pages/whova-app-user-guide/

Keynote Address by Carrie Newcomer

Carrie Newcomer is a songwriter, recording artist, performer and educator. She has been described as a “prairie mystic” by the Boston Globe and one who “asks all the right questions” by Rolling Stone Magazine. Carrie has 19 nationally released albums on Available Light & Concord/Rounder Records including Until Now, The Point of Arrival and The Beautiful Not Yet. Newcomer has released three books of poetry & essays, A Permeable Life: Poems and Essays, The Beautiful Not Yet: Poems and Essays & Lyrics, and Until Now: Poetry by Carrie Newcomer.

FARM Virtual Connections – The Gathering 2021

A virtual weekend of Connection, Community, Conversations, Collaboration, Cultivating, Creativity …

Showcases, Workshops, Peer and Mentor Sessions, Networking Opportunities, Keynote Address and More …

Since April 2020, FARM has been presenting weekly programming in the form of educational panels, Tuesday Tech Talks, Mentor Sessions and Peer Gatherings for the Community, DJs, and Presenters.

In our ongoing efforts to serve the Midwest folk community and beyond, we are offering a virtual edition of our annual gathering, featuring a variety of panel conversations, creative workshops, mentor sessions, and peer group discussions as well as showcasing and networking opportunities. Featuring a Keynote address by Carrie Newcomer, an exciting Wisdom Across the Ages Conversation with John Gorka, Josh White Jr. Lillian Werbin and Humbird (Siri Undlin), and more. Join us as we continue the conversations and collaborations that have kept us connected with our community these past 16 months (and counting).

To stay up to date about all things related to the conference, make sure you’re signed up for our Newsletter, listserve and following us on Social Media.

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Questions & Answers

Where is the attendee list?

We’ll be updating the list of attendees (names only) right here. Registered attendees have access to full details (as they are updated by the individual), so if you’re already registered, you will have access to contact info and other details via the Whova app, where the conference is being hosted. 

Here’s the list as of October 17:

Rod Abernethy
Folk Alliance
Emily Anderson
Calvin Arsenia
Michael J August
Helen Austin
Annie Bacon
Andy Baker
Louise Baker
Sierra Baker
Erik Balkey
Mike Ball
Chiara Barbier
Caroline Barlow
Ben Bedford
Seth Bernard
Susan Bertram
Marilyn Rea Beyer
Jenny Bienemann
Robin Bienemann
J Oscar Bittinger
Jim Bizer
Mari Black
Boyd Blomberg
Max Bloomquist
Ruth Bloomquist
Eliza Blue
Beth Bombara
Narissa Bond
Diane Boston
Dave Boutette
Karen Bridges
Liz Bullock
John Bunch
Robert Campbell
Annie Capps
Annie Capps
Rod Capps
Jeremy Carter-Gordon
Gaby Castro
Jud Caswell
Cheryl Cawood
Celia Chavez
Nancy Clark
Andy Cohen
Bill Randi Cohen
Jack Cole
James Combs
Samantha Cooper
Stephanie Coronado
Leah Cowen
Tom Coxworth
Joe Crookston
James Curley
Katie Dahl
Dr. Julia Davids
Kristi Davis
Elexa Dawson
Steve Dawson
Ellis Delaney
Linda Dill
Susan Divine
Amy Dixon-Kolar
David HB Drake
Rick Drost
Frank Dvorak
Mark Dvorak
Aireene Espiritu
Kari Estrin
Jeff Fielder
Sue Fink
Wanda Fischer
Matthew French
Tret Fure
Tim Gaskins
Greg Gilbertson
Jane Godfrey
Dani Goodband
John Gorka
Ciaran Mac Gowan
Troy Graham
Mike Green
Wayne Greene
Lisa Grey
Julie Grower
Jordan Hamilton
Kristin Hamilton
Lynne Hanson
Reggie Harris
Doug Harsch
Kirby Heard
Anne Heaton
Brandon Henry
Bruce Hirsch
Sam Hooper
Joy Ike
Sue Jeffers
Joe Jencks
Christopher Mark Jones
Jennifer Jones
Robert Jones
Laura Joy
Josh White Jr
Bruce Kaplan
Holly Keller-Thompson
Tim Kendall
Sue Kessell
Kray Van Kirk
Al Kniola
Eileen Kozloff
Pete Kronowitt
Evie Ladin
Spencer LaJoye
Brianna Lane
Peter Lehndorff
Jaspar Lepak
Treasa Levasseur
Nell Levin
Mara Levine
Ron Lewis
John Louis
Robbie MacGregor
Stephen Madewell
April Mann
Bill Mansfield
Kirsten Manville
Crys Matthews
Tia McGraff
Andrew McKnight
Shane McLaughlin
Cindy McSurely
Yosi Mesbah
Jerrika Mighelle
Brant Miller
Brant Miller
Heather Miller
Sean Miller
Chuck Mitchell
Susan Mocarski
Timothy Mocarski
Bart Moore
Eric Moore
Karen Morand
Cindy Morgan
Sarah Morris
Charlie Mosbrook
Peter Mulvey
Katherine Nagy
Carrie Newcomer
David Noll
Claudia Nygaard
Carol Obertubbesing
Peter Oleksiak
Karyn Oliver
Julia Othmer
Bett Padgett
Tommy Parham
Karyn Patridge
Sylvia Payne
John Pennell
Diane Perry
Simon Petty
Don Phelps
Heather Pierson
Jose Ponce
Abby Posner
Karen Rakos
Steve Ramm
Sarah Reinfelder
Kevin Richards
Karen Rigotti
Ashley Riley
Michael R. J. Roth
Claudia Russell
Loretta Sawyer
Jan Seides
Daniel Senie
Faith Senie
Patti Shaffner
David Shaughnessy
Craig Siemsen
Phyllis Sinclair
Carla Slates
Phil Slates
Joanne Smiddie-Brush
Also Smitty Smith
Andrea Sorum
Ellen Stanley
John Stano
Christine Stay
Patty Stevenson
Michael Stock
Danielle Stone
Randy Styka
Jack Summers
Bruce Swan
Taylor Taylor
Nicholas James Thomasma
Kyla Tilley
Ernest Troost
CC Trubiak
Siri Pechauer Undlin
Jane VanAuken
Carolyn VandeWiele
Suzie Vinnick
Mike Ward
Tekla Waterfield
Matt Watroba
Jere Weigle
Lillian Werbin
Don White
Tammy Wills
Courtney Yasmineh
Joy Zimmerman
Margaret Zold
Scott Zosel

Why am I not listed in any Category?

We apologize for all the confusion about this but our Registration system was not communicating with our Conference app the way we had hoped and some info, including the Industry Role you selected when you registered did not transfer. We are manually adding people to the appropriate categories every evening so please wait a day before you reach out to us. We have also created additional categories and are manually adding attendees as quickly as we can. Please contact conference@farmfolk.org if you do not see your name in a category you believe you should appear. Thanks for your patience.

Where is the schedule?

You can see the full schedule just below the speakers. This will be updated frequently, as more events and speakers are confirmed. All of it is subject to change!

Will there be Private Showcases?

Yes! If you’re interested in hosting a “room” Complete the Private Showcase application. Hosts who meet the requirements will be confirmed in the order received.  Scroll down for more info.

How Do I Play In a Private Showcases?

Yes! If you’re interested in being considered for a Private Showcase you’ll want to contact the host directly or post to the FARM Listserve. The list of hosts is available here.

What are the Spotlight Showcases?

We’re inviting a few venues & Festivals to help us curate one hour each night following the Official Showcase. Similar to the DJ showcase, each venue or festival will present one artist they want to spotlight. 

Is there a Performance Lane?

Performance Lane (aka Open Mic) will take place at several times throughout the conference. Sign-up is OPEN. You’ll find the link in the conference app. Search for Performance Lane on the Agenda and you’ll find the link in the description. It’s the same in every instance so regardless of what time slot you want on which day, you’ll use the same form.

more …

How do I access the conference site?

First, you need to REGISTER.

If you’re already registered, you can CLICK HERE and create your account, or log-in

Will this be complicated to navigate?

We sure hope not. We did some research and found an app called Whova that offers everything we wanted to build a virtual experience all in one space. Integrates with the popular Zoom app, so that’s familiar to most and we will be offering an orientation/Q&A session at least a week ahead of the conference so you can be good and ready.

Will the events be recorded?

Yes! All panels, workshops, and showcases will be recorded and made available for on-demand access approximately 1 week following the conference. So if you miss an event or want to re-watch it later, you will be able to. The peer, affinity, and mentor sessions will NOT be recorded.  Neither will the Private Showcases. 

Content will remain accessible until December 31, 2021

Will the events be live-streamed?

None of the main conference events will be live-streamed. You must be registered to access the content. 

How much does it cost to attend?

How much does it cost to attend?

  • $25.00 – For those with super tight shoe strings
  • $50.00 – For those who are able to invest in full

and for those who are able, we give you a chance to pay a little bit more. 

For those where even $25 is difficult, please contact us via email about assistance options. 

What is the cancellation policy?

While we hope that folks don’t have to cancel, we understand that things come up. First, keep in mind that access to all conference activities will be available through November. So even if you realize you can’t make it real-time, you can log in and enjoy all the showcases and panels. 

  • Cancel by September 30 – Full refund
  • Cancel between Oct 1 – 15th = 50% refund
  • Cancel after Oct 15 = no refund

Our Amazing Speakers and Mentors!

Row 1: John Gorka, Josh White, Jr, Humbird, Lillian Werbin, Kari Estrin, Crys Matthews

Row 2: Robert Jones, Ellis Delaney, Ben Bedford, Jenny Jones,  Joe Crookston, Seth Bernard

Row 3: Anne Heaton, Don White, Sarah Morris, Erik Balkey, Matt Watroba, SaulPaul

Row 4: Reggie Harris, Dr Julia Davids, Charlie Mosbrook, Joe Jencks, Karyn Oliver, Stephanie Coronado

Row 5: Peter Mulvey, Joy Ike, Sam Cooper, Jordan Hamilton, Pete Kronowitt, Julia Othmer

Row 6: Spencer LaJoye, Annie Bacon, Rj Cowdery, Mark Dvorak, Mj Epperson, Cindy Morgan

Row 7: Carol Obertubessing, Diane Boston, Wanda Fisher, Brianna Lane, Kevin Richards, Jud Caswell

Not pictured: Cindy McSurely …

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