Join us at FARM Virtual Connections Gathering
2021 - October 27 - 30


Bi-Weekly Community Peer Gathering

Next gathering: October 21
Times: 2 pm Eastern
Come one come all, near and far and join us for some great conversation about pretty much anything that’s on your mind. These Peer Group Sessions are open to the entire Folk Community regardless of where you live or what role you play in the community.

You only need to register once to attend any of the future sessions. You’ll be sent a reminder email prior to each session, but you can use this link every time.

Folk DJ & Friends Peer Gathering

Next Gathering: Wednesday, October 13
Times: 8 pm Eastern
A monthly meet-up for Folk Djs and those interested in talking to the Folk DJs. The topics range from the way radio has evolved, going digital, producing a show in the time of COVID, diversity in programming, and what you had for dinner. All are welcome to join the conversation.

Live Music Presenter Peer Gathering

Date: October TBA
Times: 8 pm Eastern
This is a chance for our concert presenters of all sizes to share ideas, concerns, and hopes for the future of their events.

Moderators: Joanne Smiddie-Brush (Indy Folk Series & Flying Cat House Concerts) and Randy Styka (Acoustic Rennaisance and Folkstage)

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