Emotional Support Peer Gathering

Next gathering: April 15
Times: 2pm Eastern

With all that has taken place (and not taken place) over the past year, we recognize the need for self-care and emotional support during this time. At our past couple of Community Peer Sessions, break-out rooms were created for those wanting to focus on emotional support issues. The need became clear so, in response, FARM is establishing a separate opportunity for our community to meet in a small, safe, and confidential space to work through personal struggles.  Attendance will be limited to the first 15 registrants*.

The sessions will be moderated by FARM volunteers and are not a replacement for professional support or therapy.

*We’ll be watching for demand to make adjustments as needed.


Speaker: Janet Feld

Date: April 20, 2 pm EST

Can’t tell you how many times we’ve been asked about how to play or sing virtually together, real-time and in-sync. Seemed an impossible idea.  But according to their website, “JamKazam has spent the last 6 years building the best platform in the world to help musicians play together live and in-sync over the Internet from different locations with high-quality audio and video.” Janet Feld is the Founder and Chief Music Officer at Janet’s Planet: Music Lessons For Humanoids, Inc., offering lessons and classes to people of all ages. She’s been utilizing JamKazam to successfully play “in-sync” with her students and we were excited for her to share her experience and knowledge.

Learn more about Janet at www.janetsplanetmusic.com
“I think you are a revelation … such an excellent writer and performer, AND you can teach. Lucky students!”
Christine Lavin

Sponsored by Indy Folk Series. More info at https://indyfolkseries.org

Bi-Weekly Community Peer Gathering

Next gathering: April 22
Times: 2pm Eastern
Come one come all, near and far and join us for some great conversation about pretty much anything that’s on your mind. These Peer Group Sessions are open to the entire Folk Community regardless of where you live or what role you play in the community.

You only need to register once to attend any of the future sessions. You’ll be sent a reminder email prior to each session, but you can use this link every time.

Folk DJ & Friends Peer Gathering

Next Gathering: Wednesday, April 14
Times: 8 pm Eastern
A monthly meet up for Folk Djs and those interested in talking to the Folk DJs. The topics range from the way radio has evolved, going digital, producing a show in the time of COVID, diversity in programming, and what you had for dinner. All are welcome to join the conversation.

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