We did it!! Thanks to all who contributed to help us exceed our goal of $15,000!

Join us at FARM Virtual Connections Gathering
2021 - October 27 - 30

FARM Virtual Connections

Webinars, Peer Group Sessions and More …

In our ongoing efforts to serve the Midwest folk community, we are offering a variety of webinars including educational panels, workshops, and peer group discussions that, in addition to keeping us engaged and feeling connected, will provide helpful tips, tools, and resources from experts in our community.

Tuesday Tech Talks (Every Tuesday at 2pm Eastern)

There is SO MUCH new (and old underutilized) technology out there. It’s impossible to cover all in one session and even harder to get into the HOW-TO of it all. So we thought we’d offer very specific DEMO/Q&A sessions on a single tool, resource, or piece of software. That thing you heard about that someone else is using? How do they do that??  Nuts and bolts basics from someone who knows. 

We may be isolated for the time being, but we are not alone. Let’s work together to define our future.

They are FREE to attend

That said, FARM’s ability to raise funds has also been affected. If you are able and willing to help us sustain and grow our Virtual Connections and other programming we’re grateful for whatever you can afford.

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