Helpful Tips for Zoom Performances

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We want to help you through any technical challenges so don't give up. Simply contact us ( if you need further assistance.

First, make sure you're Zoom client/app is updated on your Desktop.

Connecting to Internet with Ethernet

This guy does a nice quick job of showing you how easy it is. SO watch this and then come back here for answers to anticipated follow up questions.

"My computer doesn't have an ethernet port!"

If your laptop is newer, it may not have come with an Ethernet port. You'll need to get an adapter. Your local office supply or Best Buy or Apple store/computer store should be able to get you up and running.

There are several options for ethernet to USB. Make sure you're getting the correct USB size. Some laptops use micro-USB and others just a regular USB-C so you'll need to know what kind of ports you do have.

Once you're connected:

If you're using a PC, the hardwired connection should automatically take over.

On the Mac you'll want to make sure to turn off your Wifi or it won't pick up the wired signal.

* we fully recognize that not everyone will be able to connect via Ethernet and some of you may have no trouble using your phone or ipad. We are simply trying to offer you the best practices for most. There are always exceptions. The important thing is that you are comfortable and able to perform your best! That will shine through any technical issues.

For the best possible experience, connect to the internet via Ethernet cable.

Zoom Audio Settings

Follow these instructions: Sound Settings in Zoom

Do Your Own Soundcheck

After you've updated Zoom, Log in to Zoom ( in a browser (Google Chrome recommended).

Start a new meeting from the web brower.
  • In upper right corner look for Host a meeting.

Or launch the Zoom app on your Desktop (find this little icon where your applications live) and Sign in:

Start a new meeting from the zoom app
  • Click the big orange button that says New Meeting
Adjust your Audio Settings for optimal sound quality.

Follow these instructions:

Adjust your lighting, camera, microphone so you're happy with what you see on the screen.

NOTE: Make sure you're selecting the right Camera and Microphone.

Record yourself playing: How to record a meeting

take a look.

OR you can invite someone you trust to your meeting to watch and listen. Even better.

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